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Adobe Releases LeanPrint Software to Save on Ink, Paper

According to the company, the plug-ins reduce printing costs by up to 40 percent.

Adobe was stingy with details how the technology works, but noted that the basic idea consisted of the approach to squeeze more content on each piece of paper and reduce the toner used on "toner heavy" prints via layout changes. Of course, a compromise in print quality will have to be accepted: For example, Adobe said that the plug-ins offer an option in which gray-scales in charts will replaced with patterns that have a much smaller pixel density. The company noted that there is a print preview option, which shows the printed output before the document is sent to a printer.

Corporations can use the plug-ins to enforce printing policies and, for example, prevent printing from certain applications are revoke printing rights for certain users. The management console provides an "instant" overview of the savings LeanPrint has achieved over time.

The software is available via volume licensing for businesses as well as a version for individual users. There are 30- and 90-day trials available. Pricing has not been released.