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Windows 3.1, Zeemote Controller Seen on Android

An Android enthusiast named "drraccoon" has discovered a way to install Microsoft Windows 3.1 on an Android device. Based on the installation images, he used a Motorola Droid and a port of DosBox. The details of the process are located here, and begin with the user obtaining the Windows 3.1 setup files and stashing them within the "winsetupfiles" folder on the smartphone's SD card.

But users will notice that the directions come to an abrupt halt when it's actually time to install the ancient (but classic) OS. Instead, drraccoon installed Windows 3.1 on his PC (via the original DosBox) and then copied the entire folder over to the SD card. When all was said and done, he found Windows 3.1 on the Android OS to be completely useless "but really damn cool."

On the gaming front, we've already seen Quake 3 Arena (Kwaak3) running on the Android operating system. Outside having to annoyingly insert the CD key after every launch, the game runs surprisingly well on the Motorola Droid (even though the controls are somewhat wonky). In fact, Quake and Quake 2 run extremely well on the device as well. Doom... runs not so great. Duke Nukem 3D performs even worse.

But for Android owners who despise the whole miniature QWERTY and virtual control setup, it's now possible to play these games using a Zeemote Bluetooth JS1 controller. One Android user managed to get the controller to work with the Q3A port, and posted a video as seen below. The drawback? There still seems to be an issue with mouselook. Still, this is a great step towards bringing the classic PC shooters into the mobile arena (no pun intended).