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Sprint Fires Employee for Revealing Evo 4G Sales

You might remember a couple of weeks back when the EVO 4G launched there was a little bit of confusion about sales figures. Sprint initially claimed that the number of EVO 4Gs sold on launch day was three times the number of Samsung Instincts and Palm Pres sold in their first three days combined. However, a day later the company apologized and posted a correction; the number EVO 4Gs sold on launch was in line with the number of Samsung Instinct and Palm Pre devices sold over their first three days on the market combined."

Samsung didn't say how the mistake had been made, other than admitting it had, "erred in its calculations," and to be honest, we didn't think anymore about it. One phone, in one day of sales, matching two phones and their three days of sales is still pretty great, right? It was a mistake, it could happen to anyone.

However, it would appear the story is a little bit more interesting than just a case of human error. MobileCrunch reports that on June 6, a Sprint employee posting to XDA Developers revealed (post removed) that he had used the company inventory system to work out how many of the devices had been sold.

"according to sprint we as a [company] have sold 66,483 theres a whole bunch of stores though that dont have any more inventory i dont think any major city sprint does"

This number likely only includes Sprint stores and not third party channels like Radio Shack and Walmart. Sprint HQ got wind of the post (before anyone else) and traced it back to the Floridian employee in question. MobileCrunch's trusted source says an internal security task force member was immediately flown from Kansas to Florida and the employee was terminated on the spot.  

Sprint has yet to comment on the matter.