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Sony and Ericsson: Our Marriage is Fine

Last week rumors hit the wire that Ericsson was thinking of bailing out on its partnership with Sony in light of the current economic crisis. Word on the street was Sony was planning on picking up Ericsson’s half of the company and soldiering on regardless.

Since we’ve all been gossiping about a rumored split, the two companies have made it clear that their partnership is safe despite the fact that just before the rumors of a split kicked off, Sony Ericsson announced that it expects losses of between $460 million and $528 million for the first quarter.

According to, the two have renewed their partnership vows and Sony has stated that it's committed to the partnership. A spokesman for Sony said, "We will continue to be committed to the joint venture."

However, all is not completely rosy in the Sony Ericsson camp. also reports that Najmi Jarwala, president of Sony Ericsson USA and head of the company's North American operations is leaving Sony Ericsson "to pursue other career opportunities." Anders Runevad, executive VP of of Sony Ericsson and Global Sales & Marketing chief, will fill Jarwala’s shoes and cover his duties until a replacement is found.