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These Solar Cells Can Be Printed Onto Fabric

MIT researchers have created a new, cost-effective and experimental way to create solar cells by printing them onto different paper and fabrics. Their printing process results in solar cell arrays that are easily capable of bending and folding without losing their electricity conducting attributes. This innovative new method of producing solar cells opens the doors for boundless solar applications that could lead to a much greener future.

Current methods of producing solar cells can be very expensive with the requirement of expensive inactive parts and installation. With the printing method, readily available and cheap components such as paper and fabric can be used in the production of solar cell arrays. Unfortunately the downside to the printing method is the exceptional loss in efficiency, which hovers at around 1 percent. The researchers at MIT hope to further develop the project to improve overall efficiency to make way for some real life applications. Imagine solar cell wallpapers, blinds and even clothing! For more information head on over to MIT here.