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Man Finds Military Missile Launcher in Garden

According to, Jarrette Schule was cutting down trees on his rural property in Comal County when he noticed the missile launcher in the mud.

"I had never seen it before," Schule, a 34-year-old Web developer, told MySA. "I looked at it, and it kind of looked like a missile launcher."

Sure enough, when Schule looked a little closer, the words "Guided Missile and Launcher, Surface Attack" could be seen on the outside of the green metal tube.

It's weird enough that you'd be doing the gardening and happen upon a missile launcher, but Schule claims he called every agency he could think of and was passed from pillar to post with, "Everyone handing it off to everybody else."

Finally, 19 hours after Schule started ringing around, an Army criminal investigator showed up at his house and waited with him until an ordnance disposal team from Lackland AFB confiscated the weapon.

As for the launcher? Well according to the report, it was built in 1996 for launching Dragon surface-to-surface missiles. Dragons were last used in combat in 1991’s Operation Desert Storm and were replaced by the Javelin missile system.

Check out the full story here.

(Image via MySA)