Chrome OS Headed to Smartphones?

When Google announced the Chrome OS, we wondered what this would mean for company's planning netbooks running on Google's Android OS. Designed for mobile devices, there are countless companies claiming to be preparing a netbook based around Google's mobile OS. However, now it seems as though Google has plans to put the Chrome OS on smartphones as well as computers.

Gizmodo last week reported that Google's Vice President of Engineering, Vic Gundotra told attendees at the Mobilebeat 2009 Conference that web app development is the future of successful mobile platforms. While Gundotra didn't specifiy that he was talking about the Chrome OS, it definitely sounds like the company is turning away from Android and looking for other solutions when it comes to operating systems for mobile platforms.

The launch of Chrome OS is confusing, at leaset for companies that have jumped on with Android. It is very possible that Android was more of a guinea pig for Google.

Do you think Google is likely to push the Chrome OS on smartphones as well as notebooks and desktops? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • jacobdrj
    So much for Android?
  • kamnet
    Absolutely. Basically, Google is taking a page from the Apple's playbook. It is taking a Desktop OS to the mobile platform (as OSX to iPhone). The only difference this time is that the Desktop OS has not be an established platform yet. The future of networked computing is likely be the mobile platform. It is a natural move to conquer the mobile market to exert a greater influence in the future market.
  • tomernatorII
    ... please people ... let's face it - chrome os is android 2.0