Queen bed size: how big is a queen bed?

Illustration showing US and UK queen mattress sizes
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If you're buying a mattress, you don't want to get the wrong size. But the terminology here can trip you up. Because the term 'queen-sized mattress' means radically different things whether you're in Europe or North America. So even if you think you've found the best mattress, it may not have the dimensions you were looking for. 

This can all get a bit confusing. So to help you out, below we answer the most common questions about queen size mattresses, including how big they are, how they compare to other standard mattress sizes, and what the differences are between a queen in the UK and US. If you're visiting this guide from the US and decide this is the model for you, our best queen size mattress guide rounds up our favorite models. 

Armed with this knowledge, you'll be in a great position to take advantage of the mattress sales that happen all year round.

What are the dimensions of a queen size bed?

In the US, a queen size bed is 80 inches long and 60 inches wide (that's 203cm long and 152cm wide). In the UK, a queen size bed is 75 inches long and 48 inches wide (that's 190cm long and 120cm wide).

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NameImperial (W x L)Metric (WxL)
US queen60 x 80"152 x 203cm
UK queen48 x 75"120 x 190cm
Olympic queen66 x 80"168 x 203cm

How big is a queen size bed in the US?

A US queen is 60 x 80 inches (approximately 152 x 203cm). That puts it in the middle, in terms of size, between a full mattress (53 x 74 inches or 137 x 191cm) and a king mattress size (76 x 80 inches or 193 x 203cm).

Compared with a full size mattress, a queen gives couples room to spread out, and share their bed with pets and kids. Plus, because they're longer than a full mattress, they're a good choice for people who are 5 feet 10 or taller. 

Of course, a US king provides greater space still than a US queen. However, it also takes up more floor space, so a queen can be a better bet for smaller rooms, including guest rooms. They also tend to be cheaper than kings.

Overall, then, the US queen is the 'Goldilocks' bed for many people: not too small, not too big, but just right. And so it's no coincidence that this is the most common size of mattress in North America.

Illustration showing mattress sizes

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How big is a queen size bed in the UK?

In the UK, a queen size bed is 48 inches wide and 75 inches long (approximately 120cm wide and 190cm tall). That's the same as a UK small double. This makes it a good option for couples, although those who want more space will want to upgrade to a king or super king. 

Illustration showing UK double and UK queen mattress sizes

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King vs queen sized bed US

The next size up from a US queen (60 x 80 inches / 152 x 203cm) is a US king (76 x 80 inches / 193 x 203cm). A king is the same length as a queen but 16 inches (approximately 61cm) wider. That means a king provides more sleeping space for couples, which is great if one partner tosses and turns a lot, or likes to starfish. It's also handy if you have kids or pets that you allow to join you in bed. For more details, see our guide to Queen vs king mattresses.

King vs queen sized bed UK

In the UK, the next size up from a queen is a king, which is 60 inches wide and 79 inches long (approximately 150cm wide and 200cm tall). That makes a UK king 12 inches wider and four inches longer than a UK queen, which measures 48 inches wide and 75 inches long (approximately 120cm wide and 190cm long). 

Full size vs queen size bed

A full bed is a standard size that's only found in the US. It's 53 inches wide and 74 inches long (approximately 137 x 191cm). That makes it seven inches narrower and six inches shorter than a US queen, which measures 60 x 80 inches (approximately 152 x 203cm).

A full sized mattress is the smallest possible mattress that two people can share. This makes it a good choice for shorter people, people with small rooms, and those on a budget (as it's likely to be cheaper than a queen mattress). This size of mattress can also be a good option for single sleepers who want more room than a twin XL  (38 x 80 inches / 97 x 203cm), such as older children and teens. For more details, see our article Full vs queen mattresses.

Illustration showing all US mattress sizes

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US queen size vs UK queen size bed

As George Bernard Shaw once pithily wrote, the US and UK are two nations divided by a common language. And even when it comes to bed sizes, you need to be careful. Because in the US, a Queen size is 80 inches long and 60 inches wide (that's 203cm long and 152cm wide). In the UK, however, it's very different: a Queen size bed is five inches shorter (at 75 inches/190cm long) and 12 inches narrower (at 48 inches/120cm wide). 

What is an olympic queen size mattress?

An Olympic Queen is 66 x 80 inches (approximately 168 x 203cm), making it six inches wider than a normal US Queen, but the same length. This makes it a good choice for couples looking for a little extra room in bed. The downside is that you might find sheets and other bed linen difficult to find at this size.

What is an RV queen size mattress?

An RV mattress is specifically designed for use in an RV (recreational vehicle): a motor home that includes living quarters. It's usually less deep than a normal mattress, to help with limited space. In terms of standard sizes, an RV queen is the exact same size as a normal queen, at 60 x 80 inches. However, a RV short queen is five inches shorter, at 60 x 75 inches (approximately 152 x 190cm). 

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