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Killer Deal: Samsung Qi Wireless Charger Now $29

Today's smartphones are all about wireless charging, but those sleek chargers aren't always cheap. 

That's why we're psyched to see the Samsung Qi Wireless Charging Stand on sale today. Amazon has dropped its price to $29.99, which is its lowest price ever.

This 2018 charger works with both Samsung and Apple devices such as the Galaxy S9 and iPhone X. Moreover, it promises to charge your handheld's battery capacity to 100 percent in as little as 50 minutes. (No more overnight charging).

To charge your Q-compatible device, just place it on the pad and the it'll charge via inductive charging. The entire time it's charging, your device can be used to answer calls without having to unplug it.

Amazon's deal is valid today only as part of its 12 Days of Deals sales event.