The Best and Worst Marvel Movies of All Time

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  • young1s4u4
    I knew that unfortunately, the Black Panther would not make the list as the best Marvel movie ever made, but this is a mistake! If anyone has seen this movie in 3D and walked away thinking it's not the best ever, then it's a great injustice to good cinematography, period!
  • ninjawolff.of.ninjaclan
    The following is my personal opinion, however I believe it to be relevant and have thus posted here. Spider-man Homecoming was the worst of that series to date, it lacked an sort of maturity. Peter Parker consistently reminded me of a 12 year old child with adhd, or at the very least just a 12 year old child. I am a personal fan of Spider-man, having seen the first, second, and third movie at around the age of 10, and loving it, when The Amazing Spider-Man came out, I thought that Spider-man movies couldn't get worse, although I was biased because it didn't have Tobey Maguire. When I saw Homecoming I realized just how specific a Marvel movie could be, with Homecoming seeming to be targeted at only children around the age of 8 or 12 and throwing the rest under the bus. My point being, Homecoming is an enjoyable movie, albeit on for kids or adults who are either bored or somewhat childish.