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Loki TV series
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It's almost time for the Loki TV series on Disney Plus, and we've already reviewed the first episodes — check out our Loki episode 1 + 2 review to see what we thought. The new show (which suffered from a small, recent delay) will bring us more of Loki — but arguably not the real Loki. That said, this is Tom Hiddleston's singular take on Thor's brother, so give us all the Loki you have. 

Thought Loki was dead? Yes, the god of mischief has seen multiple "deaths," but he's just too good to forget about — and this current version is technically a variant on the original. And now, he's getting his very own show, which the Loki trailer reveals sends the charming trickster on a time-traveling mission to fix the reality he broke in Avengers: Endgame.

Oh, and we also recently got more casting news, which you can find below.

Of course, expect spoilers for Avengers: Endgame and previous MCU films.

Loki TV series latest news (updated June 8)

  • Loki's gender is listed as "fluid" in a Disney Plus promo clip
  • Our Loki episodes 1+2 review raves about the new series
  • A behind-the-scenes clip showed Tom Hiddleston making a big promise about the Loki TV series

Loki TV series trailers

In a short trailer posted to the Loki show Twitter account, the mischief-maker's gender is listed as "Fluid" in a document that's barely on screen for more than a second. One wonders what this means for the show, as Loki has been genderfluid in the comics.

The latest Loki trailer is a mix of behind the scenes footage and show clips, but the big story here is that Hiddleston claims "This is something that I don't think Marvel has ever done." If true, the Loki TV series could really curb Marvel movie/show fatigue.

The latest Loki trailer introduces us to Time Variance Authority mascot (?) Miss Minutes — more on her below. 

Before that, we got another clip where the focus was on how everyone around Loki doubts his ability to reform or do good:

Disney Plus dropped a brand-new, full-length Loki trailer that gives fans the basic outline of the trippy time trip they're about to embark on. You see, Loki is big trouble with some time cops for stealing the Tesseract and causing a ripple effect on reality. Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) recruits Loki to help them fix it. Can Loki be trusted? LOL, no!

In the amazing teaser clip showed at Disney's Investors Day 2020 event, we learned a lot about the mood of the Loki Disney Plus show. Plus, Loki may have been police-evading criminal D.B. Cooper all along?

Loki TV series release date

Loki's got a newer release date — and a break from form with Disney's usual schedule. The Loki release date is now June 9 (formerly June 11) — and it will be releasing on Wednesdays, not Fridays. This is still a slight delay from the original date revealed at the Disney Investors Day event of May 2021.

Loki TV series poster

Loki series poster

(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

The new poster for the Loki Disney Plus series shows off more of the cast, as well as an adorable animated character Miss Minutes. The message, of course, is that it's all about time.

Loki TV series cast

Loki TV series — which Loki is this?

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Is Tom Hiddleston reading the phone book enough to keep us entertained? Probably. Is he the only announced cast member? Thankfully, that's not the case anymore. 

Owen Wilson (Wedding Crashers) plays hardboiled detective Mobius M. Mobius and Gugu Mbatha-Raw (The Morning Show) was also seen in the trailer. 

Richard E. Grant is reported to be joining the cast as well, according to The Wrap. Again, his character is yet to be defined.

Loki TV series: Who is Miss Minutes?

We don't know who is voicing the animated Miss Minutes, but we know we love her southern drawl. In the below trailer played on TV, she greeted Loki in the most adorable way one can talk to a person about to stand trial, saying "Welcome to the Time Variance Authority. I’m Miss Minutes and it’s my job to catch you up before you stand trial for your crimes. So settle in and we’ll get you in front of a judge in no time!"

And after Loki sees a man disintegrated, Miss Minutes says there will be time for a review of the TVA's progress, stating "Thanks for visiting the TVA! Don’t hesitate to let us know how we’re doing."

Loki TV series: Who is Owen Wilson's character?

Wilson's character, Mobius M. Mobius, works at the Time Variance Authority. Agent  Mobius takes a chance on working with Loki to fix the trickster's reality-bending theft of the Tesseract.

We're looking for more details and will update this story accordingly once we get them.

Loki TV series timeline and plot

Loki TV series release date

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Loki, as you'll remember from Avengers: Endgame, is up to some new tricks, time-traveling with the help of the Tesseract. But the time cops at the TVA aren't about to let him mess around with the timeline.

The plot of Loki has been teased by Marvel, but much of it still remains a mystery. But a couple of recent leaks have given fans more clues about what to expect from the show. 

Picking up immediately after Loki steals the Tesseract (again), he finds himself called before the Time Variance Authority, a bureaucratic organization that exists outside of time and space, forced to answer for his crimes against the timeline and given a choice: face deletion from reality or assist in catching an even greater threat.

An Amazon listing for Marvel's Loki: The Art of The Series has this synopsis: "Picking up immediately after Loki steals the Tesseract (again), he finds himself called before the Time Variance Authority, a bureaucratic organization that exists outside of time and space, forced to answer for his crimes against the timeline and given a choice: face deletion from reality or assist in catching an even greater threat."

And a new Loki action figure comes with more details on its package: "Mere moments after his escape during the events of Avengers: Endgame, Loki is apprehended by the Time Variance Authority (TVA) and arrested for his crimes against the ‘sacred timeline.'"

So, here's what we can glean from these two leaks. First, the show starts right after ("mere moments") Loki steals the Tesseract in Endgame. He won't be having a time travel party that gets busted up by the cops.

Second, Loki's heist has disrupted something called the "sacred timeline." Why is it so sacred? It could just be the official MCU timeline, the one where the Avengers overcame enormous odds to defeat Thanos. The TVA probably wants to keep that intact and Loki's actions might threaten to unravel it.

Marvel fans are also buzzing about the "sacred timeline" having a possible connection to the X-Men. The phrase is used by Clan Askani, spiritual descendants of the X-Men living some 30 centuries in the future. They battle Apocalypse in a four-issue arc coincidentally titled Endgame.

But Marvel's Disney Plus shows have been dropping X-Men-related Easter eggs and this is likely just another. 

Loki TV series villain leak

Another interesting mention in the leaks is that this version of Loki will "face deletion from reality or assist in catching an even greater threat." A new leak from IMDb appears to shed some light on who that could be. Chelsea Ostrow is listed as the costumer for Mr. Majors, and there is no listed Mr. Majors for the cast. That may be because it's a secret, still. Jonathan Majors (Lovecraft Country) is reportedly playing Marvel villain Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, so this may be his introduction to the MCU.

But who are the other options for the villain of the show? Perhaps it's finally Mephisto, a key character from the comics that fans theorized (incorrectly) would show up in WandaVision. 

In the Loki trailer, there's a shot of Mobius M. Mobius with a young girl, standing in front of a stained glass window featuring a devil figure. And Mephisto is a demon with a number of powers, including the ability to alter time. Sounds like someone the TVA, and their new recruit, would want to contain.

Loki TV series poster

The official key art/poster for the Loki show has a few interesting points, starting with how his horns are off. Other imagery suggests he'll be wearing them again soon, but it's a sign that we're going to get a different side of Loki. Plus, the shock collar suggests he's finally going to stay in one place, the clock behind him hints at time warping. 

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Loki TV series to have a season 2?

Oh, and there's been a very casual reveal of a second season for Loki. In a Deadline article about exec producer Michael Waldron, the story notes "Besides writing this new Star Wars film, the deal also is expected to bring back Waldron in some capacity for Season 2 of Loki."

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