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How To Make Yourself Anonymous on Facebook

2. Open the settings menu from the drop down in the top right. 

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3. Use the edit tab to change your name. From here you can also change your associated email, and vanity URL.

4. Hover over the cover photo in your profile to change or remove it. Why bother changing your name if people can still see your face?

5. Go back to settings and select the privacy tab on the left. This area is very important for changing who can see your posts, send you friend requests and how other search engines list your profile.

6. Change "Who can see my stuff" to "Only Me" and "Who can contact me" to "Friends of Friends."

7. Select Timeline and Tagging from the menu on the left.This will prevent others from tagging you in pictures and events, so your boss can't see what happened during last weekend's big party.

8. Change "Who can post on your timeline"  and "Who can see posts you've been tagged in on your timeline" to "Only Me."

9. Select the Blocking tab .

10. Enter the names of specific users you wish to block. This will help prevent any sort of cyber-stalking by restricting or entirely blocking specific people from viewing your profile. This is also helpful for shutting down the friend who constantly spams you with app invites.

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