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EA’s Unlimited Games Service Coming July 30: Here’s How It's Different

EA is going all in on unlimited gaming.

Credit: EA

(Image credit: EA)

The gaming company just announced that it will launch its Origin Access Premier to PC gamers starting on Monday (July 30). The service will allow you to play an unlimited number of games for a monthly or annual fee. Variety earlier reported on EA's move.

EA already offers a subscription service called Origin Access, which costs $29.99 per year and allows you to download games to your computer. However, its game library consists of a "vault" that mostly comprises older titles. If you're looking for a game that just launched, Origin (or EA Access, a similar plan for the Xbox One) isn't for you.

With EA's new gaming service, you'll pay $14.99 per month or $99.99 per year, which is obviously more expensive. However, you'll be able to download upcoming EA titles from the service such as Anthem and Battlefield V five days before they're released. And you can still play the older games that come with a standard Origin Access subscription.

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With Access Premier, you can access a boatload of EA games and try them out without needing to dole out cash to buy each title — a major savings if you're someone who often buys games. And if you end up not liking the game, you can simply move on without worry of all the money you paid. It also includes a 10 percent discount to the Origin store, in case you want to order games straight away.

That said, the EA Origin Access Premier program is believed to only be launching with access to EA games, so if you want to play titles from other developers, you'll be out of luck. And since this is a subscription service, the moment you stop paying for Origin Access Premier, you lose access to the games. So technically, over time your total cost of ownership could be higher than actually buying the games if you're a long-term user who doesn't download many titles.

Of course, there are far more questions than answers right now on EA's Origin Access Premier. EA has launched a help page online, but it's anemic at the moment. The company will likely update it as time goes on.

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