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Dsolv Bag Made From Compostable Bioresin

After 18 months of development, Paul Kolada came up with the Dsolv bag, a bag that looks like a simple netted plastic bag. Don't be fooled though because this bag is made out of plant-based resin that allows it to be 100% compostable, eliminating the need for harmful plastic or paper bags. The Dsolv bag was created with the intention to ease the pain of loading up bundles of leaves to be composted.

With the easy to carry Dsolv bag, homeowners are able to round up their leaves and compost them together with the bag. Although the bag was created with this specific purpose in mind, it paves the way for a possible adaptation to grocery bags. Many grocery stores have been trying to cut down the use of plastic bags for eco purposes and the Dsolv bag might just be the first step to a new greener grocery bag.