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Rumor: Best Buy to Have 4 Palm Pre Ea. at Launch

Well, today takes those rumors to a whole new level. According to a post over at Boy Genius Report, each Best Buy store will only have four Pres on June 6, the day the phone launches. An anonymous source told BGR that Best Buy branches will have to divvy up 4,250 units for the big day. Boy Genius was told by Scott Anderson of Best Buy Mobile that a total of 1,000 Best Buy stores would be selling the Pre. That amounts to roughly 4 per store.

While the news is in no way confirmed, one BGR reader commented that two Sprint stores in New York City said they expected to get six and nine Pres respectively for launch day.

We’d like to believe that these rumors are nothing but smoke, bred from the initial prediction from Sprint CEO Dan Hesse that there would be a shortage of Pres. We’d also like to think Palm and Sprint wouldn’t sink so low as to only offer a handful of devices on day one to give the illusion of demand, or that they wouldn’t allude to there only being a handful of devices up for grabs to try and drive sales.