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A Light Notebook for a Light Pocketbook: Averatec 3150P

Averatec: Newcomer To The Notebook Market

Averatec? Never heard of them? Not to worry - we hadn't either. How could you, anyway? The firm is still a wet-behind-the-ears newcomer to the notebook scene. The headquarters of the three independent companies are located in Orange County, CA (Averatec Inc., U.S.), Munich, Germany (Averatec Europe GmbH) and Taipeh, Taiwan (Averatec Asia, Inc.).

Averatec's portfolio consists of notebooks and accessories in the thin and light segment. The company subscribes to the philosophy that customers should be offered technologically innovative, yet inexpensive portable products. The company's motto could be summed up as "Mobility without Borders for Everyman."

That definitely goes for the Averatec 3150P, too. This legacy-free sub-notebook is driven by a low-voltage version of the mobile Athlon XP M 1600+ (1400 MHz/ 1.25V). The low-voltage Athlon XP-M already proved in the last test that it has what it takes to be the inexpensive alternative to the Pentium M.

Averatec has ensured that the notebook holds up to its promise of "mobility without borders" with its light weight (2.1 kg) and integrated WLAN module (802.11b). The price tag for the machine (little more than US$1000, plus tax) is very attractive.