Simba's fancy new beds are a must for healthy back support during sleep

Simba Pegasus Bed Base in Peacock
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Getting comfy enough to drift off is much easier when you have a good bed, which is why we're eyeing up Simba Sleep's new range of easy-build bed frames. These cotton and velour covered beds are designed to support your lower back and shoulders during sleep, and they look pretty stylish to us. While prices normally start at £979, you can save 41% on any of these new beds thanks to the current Simba mattress sale for new customers (if you are in the market for a new mattress, do check out our Simba Hybrid mattress review, our Simba Hybrid Luxe mattress review or Simba Go Hybrid review).

The Orion Bed Base is the cheapest, followed by the velour-covered Pegasus (from £1,349), while the luxurious Sirius Bed Base (from £1,599) is the most expensive, but worth the expense; learn why we love it in our Simba Sirius bed base review. Each bed is available with your choice of two patented slat technologies: Simba-React and Simba-Flex.

The Simba-React slat system places cushioning at your shoulders and lower back area, with three sprung extra-wide slats dishing out firmer support for your lower back and four sprung slats supporting your shoulders.

The Simba-Flex system is more advanced. Each slat moves independently to soften movements across your body, helping you to feel comfy in every position, especially when side sleeping. Why? Because of the triple cushioned thinner slats around the shoulder area. Firmer and wider slats with double cushioning also protect and support your lower back when you’re lying down.

Simba Bed Base: was from £979 £577.61 at SimbaSave up to £729

Simba Bed Base: was from £979 £577.61 at Simba
Save up to £729 - Simba is currently offering 41% off its bed bases for new customers. Each base comes with your choose of patented slat tech: Simba-React, which is cheaper, or the more advanced and expensive Simba-Flex. The bases are designed for better airflow and to provide support and cushioning around your shoulders and lower back during sleep. You don't need any tools to build them, and they come on a 200-night trial and have a 10-year warranty.

Simba is our pick for the best mattress for anyone who wants a breathable hybrid model for comfier snoozing in all sleeping positions, and these bed bases are designed to take that comfort and support to the next level. For our favourite so far, read our Simba Hybrid mattress review.

Simba Bed Base: price, design and features

Each Bed Base comes in three different colours, two different slat systems, and a range of prices. While they work beautifully with Simba’s own mattresses, they can be used with any hybrid or memory foam mattress, which is perfect if you just want to upgrade your bed frame. 

The RRP of each base is as follows:

Simba Orion Bed Base 

  • Double – from £979 
  • King – from £1,009
  • Super king – from £1,099

Simba Pegasus Bed Base

  • Double – from £1,279
  • King – from £1,319
  • Super king – from £1,389

Simba Sirius Bed Base

  • Double – from £1,529
  • King – from £1,559
  • Super king – from £1,619

Unless you’re a whizz at building flat-packed furniture, the thought of putting together a large bed base will no doubt fill you with dread. But you can relax right now because Simba's swish new bases can be built within 10 minutes. Best of all, you don’t need any tools to put them together. 

Nope, there are no allen keys or screwdrivers required here. Simba says its bases can be slotted together in three steps: click the sides of the bed frame together, twist in the legs, and turn the in-built screw. Job done.

But what about those pesky slats? They come pre-built as a single unit, so you won’t have to fit each slat individually. The brand’s patented responsive suspension works its magic at each end of the slat. This cushions your weight, relieves pressure on your back, and keeps you feeling comfy through the night. You’ll find wider slats at the base of your spine and thinner slats at the shoulders, where your weight is lighter.

For all you in-bed tea drinkers and spillers, Simba has applied a stain-resistant finish to the fabric covering each bed base. Like other leading mattress in a box brands, Simba has a strong focus on the environment and its bases are made in the UK from 100% recyclable materials. The packaging is up to 60% recycled and from approved FSC sources.

This commitment to sustainability is seen across the brand’s entire sleep product range, from its popular Orbit Blanket (it’s top of our best weighted blankets guide right now), to duvets and comfy bed pillows.

The most affordable of Simba’s new bed bases, the Orion, has a five-buttoned headboard covered with linen fabric. Choose from Fern, Cloud or Fossil colours. The Pegasus features a stylish winged headboard covered in plush velour and comes in Ink Bolt, Blush or Sweatshirt. The most opulent model, the Sirius, has a multi-buttoned headboard covered in cotton twill. Get it in Gunmetal, Latte or Peacock. All of them are available to buy from Simba now.

A good bed can make a difference to how well your mattress supports you during sleep, and if you’re a warm or hot sleeper, slatted bases keep the air flowing freely so that you don’t overheat. For other types of bed bases, read our feature on what are box springs and when you should and shouldn’t use one.

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