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PS5 Leaked Patent Shows Sleek New Design

(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

Though we're over a year away from the PS5 hitting shelves, rumors about the upcoming game console are heating up. And with the leak today of a Sony patent showing off the device's proposed design, excitement might just ignite. 

The patent, published by LetsGoDigital, registers a "Sony electronic device" which looks a lot like a game console that is most likely the next-gen PS5. We could not find the device listed on WIPO, but our sister site TechRadar believes the page is on pretty good authority.

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What's unique about the patented design is the imaginative V-shaped ventilation system. It could be a reference to the Roman numeral V, indicating the fifth version of Sony's flagship console. The company has played with numerical designs in the past with the tiers on the PS3 and PS4.

On the diagram, you can see a multitude of USB ports for controllers and eject buttons, as well as what's probably a power button and a thin disc drive slot. 

This design is by no means final—finished products never look exactly like their patent diagrams. Even if just a placeholder, though, this PS5 build would look stellar under a tree. 

Based on what we've heard about the PS5 so far, Sony is promising strong performance via an 8-core AMD chipset based on Ryzen architecture and a Radeon Navi GPU. You can also expect very fast load times via a custom SSD, and backwards compatibility with all PS4 games. Though not confirmed, the PS5 game lineup may include exclusives such as The Last of Us II, as well as next-gen titles such as Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI. 

Most signs point to a late 2020 release, meaning the PS5 will arrive in time for the holiday season. Until then, stay up to date with our PS5 rumor page for PS5 news and updates.