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PS5 controller teased by Sony patent

(Image credit: J-Plat Pat)

Sony has already let some details slip about what to expect from the upcoming PS5 controller, and now we might have our first idea of what the next-generation DualShock could look like. 

A newly discovered Japanese Sony patent (via Videogameschronicle) shows a controller that looks a lot like Sony's current DualShock 4 with some subtle changes. The controller's touchpad looks more pronounced, its thumbsticks look a bit smaller and its rear triggers look like they could have more travel. 

It's unclear whether or not the controller has a microphone as many rumors have suggested, but there does appear to be some sort of new apparatus towards the bottom of the gamepad.

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Last month, Wired revealed some key details on the PlayStation 5's controller, which will have improved haptics for more immersive rumble (think HD rumble on the Nintendo Switch). The controller will also have "adaptive triggers," which allow developers to adjust the resistance of the triggers for more realistic feedback when doing things such as firing a bow and arrow or driving a car.

Sony's PS5 is slated to launch in Holiday 2020, so we should have a much clearer idea of how the hardware will look and feel in the coming months. Based on the PS4's rollout, we could see an official reveal event as soon as February 2020. Until then, keep it locked to our PS5 rumor hub for all of the latest developments.