How to cancel Apple TV Plus

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Is it time to cancel Apple TV Plus? If you've watched Severance, The Afterparty and Pachinko, you might have hit the moment where you wonder what else Apple TV Plus has. Slow Horses, according to some of our parents, is great. 

But if that doesn't grab you, and Shining Girls isn't your kind of crime story, then we get it (it's not like Apple has the back catalogue that Disney Plus does). Especially if free trial is coming to an end (and you've already gone through our list of the best Apple TV Plus shows and movies). Fortunately, canceling Apple TV Plus is easy. No need to wrangle a customer service representative on the phone or via online chat. All it requires is a few simple clicks or taps on a range of devices.

In two years, Apple TV Plus has become one of the most prestigious and distinguished streaming services thanks to award-winning CODA, and the above shows that have us waiting for follow-ups such as Ted Lasso season 3, Severance season 2 and The Afterparty season 2

Because once your free trial is over, the relatively low monthly price of $4.99 is still a $5 you may not want to spend here — or you may already have it earmarked for upgrading to the ad-free HBO Max, or Peacock or Paramount Plus

Whatever your reason, we'll take through all the steps needed to cancel Apple TV Plus.

How to cancel Apple TV Plus on a browser

1. Go to and click Sign In at the upper right corner.

highlighted instructions point to the Sign In icon on the Apple TV web page

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2. Sign in with your Apple ID.

Apple ID sign in screen

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3. Click on the person icon at the upper right corner. 

highlighted instructions point to the Profile icon

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4. Click Settings. 

highlighted instructions point to the Settings button

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5. Scroll down to Subscriptions. 

6. Under Apple TV Plus, click Manage. If you subscribe to Apple TV Plus in a Apple One bundle, you'll see that bundle here instead.

Apple TV Plus website screenshot of settings tab and subscriptions section

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7. Click Cancel Subscription. Confirm in the next window.

Cancel subscription pop up window on Apple TV Plus settings

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How to cancel Apple TV Plus on iPhone

1. Open the Apple TV app on your phone. 

2. Tap on your profile icon in the upper right to access your account.

3. Tap Manage Subscriptions.

Apple TV app on iPhone showing home screen and account screen

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4. On the Subscriptions tab, tap Apple TV Plus.

5. Tap Cancel Subscription. Confirm on the next window.

The subscriptions window of Apple TV app and editing subscription window for Apple TV Plus

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How to cancel Apple TV Plus on Apple TV

1. On the Apple TV home screen, select Settings.

Apple TV 4K home screen

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2. Select Users and Accounts.

Apple TV 4K settings screen

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3. Select your user name.

Apple TV 4K user and accounts screen

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4. Scroll down and select Subscriptions.

Apple TV settings user subscriptions page

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5. Select Apple TV Plus - Channel.

Subscriptions screen on Apple TV

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6. Scroll down and select Cancel Subscription.

Apple TV Plus subscription management screen

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7. Select Confirm. 

Apple TV Plus cancellation confirmation window

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How to reverse Apple TV Plus cancellation

If you change your mind and want to re-subscribe to Apple TV Plus, you can do so at any time. Simply go to on a browser or the Apple TV app on iPhone or on the Apple TV.

If you'd like to learn how to cancel other streaming services, make sure you read our other tutorials, including how to cancel Peacock, how to cancel Showtime, how to cancel HBO Max and how to cancel Hulu. If you're happy with Apple TV+, you'll definitely want to watch it on all your devices, so it makes sense to learn how to watch Apple TV+ on Android.

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