How to cancel a Peacock subscription

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If you want to cancel a Peacock subscription, it's a simple task. No matter if you want to jump off because you're annoyed about the Royal Rumble and the quality of WWE shows or if you don't have anything new to watch (after Vigil and Girls5Eva, what is there, exactly?), we've got all the info you need to stop you from getting billed by Peacock TV.

The weird news is that, to paraphrase Lord of The Rings, nobody simply cancels a Peacock subscription. You simply downgrade it.

That's right, because free Peacock subscriptions exist, the way to stop paying for Peacock mostly revolves around plucking the Premium Peacock feather out of your account. Then, you still have a Peacock account — just one that isn't taking between $4.99 and $9.99 (or even less if you used a Peacock TV promo code) from you each month.

Personally, I'm stuck with Peacock. It's the home of WWE live streams in the U.S., so I'll have to finally stop watching those before I can get away from Peacock. The streaming service also has popular exclusives like The Office and Harry Potter movies

Here's how to downgrade your Peacock subscription to a free account.

How to cancel a Peacock subscription

1. Log into (opens in new tab) and click your profile icon in the top right corner.

how to cancel a peacock subscription step 1: Click Account icon in the top right.

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2. Select the Account option, which is also in the top right corner.

how to cancel a peacock subscription step 2: select account

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3. You'll (probably) need to sign into Peacock to confirm your right to access your account.

how to cancel a peacock subscription step 3: sign in

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4. Next to your current Peacock plan, click "Change Plan."

how to cancel a peacock subscription step 4: click Change Plan

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5. Select the check box next to Peacock Free. You can stop looking for a "Cancel" button, because there isn't one.

how to cancel a peacock subscription step 5: Downgrade to Peacock Free

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6. Select "Change Plan" to confirm.

how to cancel a peacock subscription step 6: select Change Plan

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7. Under the images of all the stuff that Peacock already tried to get you to watch, select "Switch to Free." Never give into the 'begging' phase of account cancelation.

how to cancel a peacock subscription step 7: Select Switch to Free

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Congratulations, you're not paying for Peacock anymore! Although, technically, it appears you're now trapped with NBC's streaming service forever.

how to cancel a peacock subscription step 8: done

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Here's how to cancel a Peacock subscription without going Free

Fortunately, for those who want to delete-delete their Peacock account, there is a way. It just takes more time and effort and energy than you probably want to give it. The below links were found on this NBCUniversal page (opens in new tab), which was a headache to process.

1. Most US residents (except some of those in California) will need to go to this page (opens in new tab) and fill out the form as noted below. Peacock is the 'brand' you want to fill in for line 1.

how to cancel a peacock subscription: delete account

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2. Or, as NBCU notes, "California residents with rights under the CCPA may click here (opens in new tab) and their authorized agents may click here (opens in new tab) for access or deletion requests. You can also call 1-800-447-0663.

Good luck escaping the Peacock!

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