Get three months of Apple TV Plus on PS4 — here’s how

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There’s no shortage of ways to get a free trial of Apple TV Plus. Buying an eligible Apple device will get you three months of free access, and PS5 owners can claim a free six-month trial. But what if the PS5 restocks are too much and you can’t get Sony’s shiny new console?

Sony and Apple have teamed up again, this time offering PS4 owners the chance to sample Apple TV Plus for themselves. Anyone with a PS4 can enjoy three months of complimentary access to Apple TV Plus — provided you’re not already an active subscriber.

Considering Sony has sold 116 million PS4 units so far, and the consoles are currently much easier to find than the PS5, Apple TV Plus may be about to get a surge in subscribers.

The PlayStation website has all the details on how to redeem your free subscription, but the process is remarkably simple:

  1.  Download the Apple TV Plus app on your PS4 
  2.  Confirm that you want to redeem the free trial offer 
  3.  Sign in with your Apple ID, or create an account from scratch 
  4.  Enjoy watching the best shows on Apple TV plus for the next three months 

There are some things you should be aware of, however. The first is that the plan will automatically renew for $5 a month unless you cancel the subscription — which you can do immediately without losing access to the catalogue.

The second is that as mentioned above, anyone with an active Apple TV Plus subscription won’t be able to redeem the offer. Finally the offer is only valid until July 22.

On the plus side, it looks as if the offer is still valid if you’ve redeemed an Apple TV Plus trial before, so long as it has already expired. It worked for me, in any case, and my extended trial expired last summer just as many other people's did.

With a valid Apple TV Plus subscription you can enjoy everything the service has to offer. While not as extensive as the likes of Netflix or Disney Plus, Apple has been methodically adding new content to the service in the years since launch. 

In fact, earlier this week Tim Cook announced that Friday Night Baseball is coming to Apple TV Plus while a bunch of new original movies are also on the horizon. It's fair to say that Apple TV Plus is about to get way better

In other words, the best Apple TV Plus shows and movies include a lot more than just Ted Lasso and The Morning Show. In fact, we've gone as far as to say that the unfairly overlooked Trying might be as good as Ted Lasso, while our Senior Editor Henry Casey believes that Apple TV Plus, and not Netflix, has the best new show around at the moment. 

So if you’re always stuck trying to find content to watch on one of the other best streaming services and you own a PS4, you might as well give Apple TV Plus a try. It is free, after all.

Tom Pritchard
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