Ted Lasso season 3 first look and everything we know so far

(L to R) Mohammed as Nathan "Nate" Shelley and Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso stare at each other in an elevator while Anthony Head as Rupert Mannion looks on from outside the elevator in the first photo released from Ted Lasso season 3.
(Image credit: Apple TV Plus via Twitter)

The good news is that Ted Lasso season 3 is coming. And we finally have news about when. So, for those who said they BELIEVE it will be here in 2023? We now have more info.

Of course, it should be noted that spoilers for Ted Lasso season 2 follow below, but you already watched the finale, right? You've already gone on the emotional rollercoaster of that match? Well, since you have, let's dive right in — as we now have more information about the story of season 3.

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Ted Lasso season 3 release date window confirmed

The folks at Apple haven't made it official yet, but that hasn't stopped leaking. We don't know who The Hollywood Reporter (opens in new tab)'s source is (not that they would tell us, we're not on a Lasso/Crimm-level acquaintanceship with them), but the outlet reported that Apple intends to bring Ted Lasso season 3 to air by summer 2022.

That said, things changed. Matthew Belloni at Puck News (opens in new tab) reported that a series of delays suggest a Spring 2023 release.

Apple (via social media (opens in new tab)) confirmed a spring 2023 release window when it revealed this first look at Ted Lasso season 3. Here, we see Nate and Ted looking at each other, while Rupert watches. Nate and Ted both show a bit of being hurt.

(L to R) Mohammed as Nathan "Nate" Shelley and Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso stare at each other in an elevator while Anthony Head as Rupert Mannion looks on from outside the elevator in the first photo released from Ted Lasso season 3.

(Image credit: Apple TV Plus via Twitter)

As noted above, Apple confirmed Ted Lasso season 3 before season 2 could even debut, back in October 2020. 

That head-start likely gave the braintrust at Team Lasso the ability to start planning out and writing the new season early. But from the structure of AFC Richmond's season 1 relegation and season 2 promotion, it's safe to say that showrunner Bill Lawrence and his team have a plan.

Ted Lasso season 3 cast speculation

Nick Mohammed, Jason Sudeikis, and Brendan Hunt will be in Ted Lasso season 3

(Image credit: Apple TV Plus)

In Apple's press release announcing Ted Lasso season 3, it mentioned only the main cast members. So, we know to expect the core cast of Ted Lasso, with Jason Sudeikis as Coach Ted Lasso, Brendan Hunt as his right-hand man Coach Beard, Brett Goldstein as the gruff Roy Kent, Hannah Waddingham as the boss lady herself, Rebecca Welton, Juno Temple as Keeley Jones and Jeremy Swift as Higgins. And, yes, even Nick Mohammed as Nathan "Nate" Shelley.

That said, we expect to see most everyone else back too, starting with West Ham United's new owner Rupert Mannion (Anthony Head).

But the great news of season 2's finale is that we won't be lacking for Sam Obisanya, who stayed with the team. Toheeb Jimoh knocked it out of the park this season, and we expect to see a lot more of him in season 3.

Other likely returning cast members are as follows: 

  • Phil Dunster as Jamie Tartt, the star player who is proving unselfish
  • Kola Bokinni as Isaac McAdoo, the captain of AFC Richmond
  • Billy Harris as Colin Hughes, who is still working on his self confidence
  • Cristo Fernández as Dani Rojas, who remembered that football is life
  • Moe Jeudy-Lamour as Thierry Zoreaux, AFC Richmond's goalkeeper
  • Charlie Hiscock as Will (the kitman)
  • Annette Badland as Mae, who works at the The Prince's Head pub
  • Adam Colborne as Baz, a regular at the The Prince's Head
  • Bronson Webb as Jeremy, a regular at the The Prince's Head
  • Kevin Garry as Paul, a regular at the The Prince's Head

Creator Bill Lawrence has also confirmed that the show is bringing back Sarah Niles as Dr. Sharon Fieldstone and James Lance as Trent Crimm (now simply, independent). 

While we expect to see more of Ellie Taylor as Rebecca's friend Sassy, Elodie Blomfield as Roy's niece Phoebe and Phoebe Walsh as Coach Beard's on-and-off-and-on-and-off girlfriend Jane, none of them seem as guaranteed.

We'd be shocked if Kieran O'Brien did not return as Jamie's abusive father James Tartt, though. Speaking of potential recurring characters, Sam Richardson could definitely return as Edwin Akufo, who wanted to hire Sam away from Richmond, but we're not sure how long his plan for Raja Casablanca will take.

Ted Lasso season 3 filming

Apple TV Plus announced on March 7 that Ted Lasso season 3 production had begun. 

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If season 3 follows a similar schedule to season 2, filming will last about five months and post-production will take about four months. That would put the Ted Lasso season 3 release date around December 2022. 

Ted Lasso season 3 plot

Brett Goldstein and Juno Temple's relationship may still be going in Ted Lasso season 3

(Image credit: Apple TV Plus)

So, as the announcer team at Nelson Row mentioned, AFC Richmond is (now) a Premier League Team without a championship trophy to its name. It's likely time to change that, and that seems like the big picture for season 3. Also, expect Season 3 to be the end of Ted Lasso's story, as showrunner Bill Lawrence revealed this was the plan all along. Spinoffs, though, are possible (Roy Kent and Rebecca Welton seem like prime candidates to build a show around, if you ask us). 

But let's backtrack a bit to how things ended in the Ted Lasso season 2 finale. First up, Ted brought his fight with anxiety to the public conversation, after Trent Crimm's expose in The Independent made it public knowledge. Coach Beard is (he thinks) back together with Jane. Higgins has his office back, and Rebecca's emotional about Sam staying. Sam and Rebecca (hi, Cheers fans!) are still on a break, and we wonder if they'll reunite.

One big thing floating in the air right now is that Roy and Keeley's relationship still seems slightly tenuous, as she keeps saying "I love you" and he keeps not saying that back. And one wonders how their relationship will change as Keeley's leaving Richmond and will have a whole new company to run.

The big overall story with Ted Lasso is that Rebecca's ex, AFC Richmond's former owner, Rupert Mannion is now the owner of West Ham United — and he's also hired Nathan "Nate" Shelley as some kind of coach. Their relationship is, visually, reminiscent of Emperor Palpatine (Rupert) and Darth Vader (Nate). Nate's story in season 2 has been a tale of ego and anger, which led him to betray Ted.

We're curious if Ted Lasso will try to redeem Nate. Season 1 ended with Jamie Tartt leaving the team, and he eventually rejoined the team in season 2, and now he's likable. Except when he told Keeley how he still cared about her.

Hunt has previously teased that the show may employ a bit of a time jump. He told TVLine (opens in new tab), "We’ve never gone from the start of a season, so perhaps that’s something we want to get to. And just by dint of how the schedule works in the English Premier League, we will play West Ham twice — home and away, because that’s how it goes."

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