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Watched the Yellowjackets finale and looking for how to cancel Showtime — because they just don't have enough for you to stay? You're not alone. Myself, and likely more than a few others, subscribed to Showtime just for the amazing drama series surrounding a girl's high school soccer team before, during and after the plane crash that changed their lives in shocking ways. 

But for as good as this show is, Showtime doesn't have enough compelling content for some, which is why it's not on our best streaming services list.

And, so, I thought I should share what I've just learned, how to cancel Showtime. So, not only do I have instructions on how to cancel Showtime via its  own website, but also directions for how to cancel Showtime via Amazon Channels and Apple Channels — two popular ways to get the service for yourself.

We're guessing some of you likely got Showtime through your cable or satellite provider, and so we recommend you contact it for that process, as it varies widely by service. Same goes for if you bought Showtime via another streaming device.

So, here's three of the most popular ways to cancel your Showtime subscription.

How to cancel Showtime online

1. After signing in on, click the Profile icon at the top right corner.

An arrow points to Profile icon

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2. Click Settings.

An arrow points to Settings

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3. Click Cancel Your Subscription.

An arrow points to Cancel Your Subscription

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4. Select a reason for why you want to cancel Showtime. Showtime, like many services, wants to learn why you're leaving. So, pick an option. I chose "no longer interested," because it kinda matches every other option. 

An box highlights No Longer Interested

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5. Click "No thanks, I want to cancel."  Windows like this are annoying, aren't they?

An arrow points to "No thanks, I want to cancel."

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You've canceled your Showtime subscription!

The "Subscription Cancelled" screen

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How to cancel Showtime via Amazon Prime Channels

Many people also subscribe to services through Prime Video Channels, on Amazon. And since its menus get awfully complicated, here are the two steps you need to know for how to cancel a subscription on Prime Video Channels.

1. Sign into, open this page and click Prime Video Channels under Memberships and subscriptions.

An arrow highlighting Prime Video Channels

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2. Next to Showtime (not pictured) click Cancel Channel. Follow the next on-screen steps.

how to cancel showtime on Amazon Channels

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How to cancel Showtime on Apple TV Channels

And then there's Apple TV Channels, which is how I subscribed to Showtime. I chose it because, well, I'm an iPhone user and it makes the signup and cancelation stuff super easy to find. 

There's also none of that "please stay!" stuff. Here's how I canceled Showtime from my iPhone.

1. In the Settings app, tap your Profile section at the top of the screen.

A green box highlights my Apple ID profile section in Settings

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2. Click Subscriptions.

A green box highlights Subscriptions in Apple ID User Profile

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3. Tap Showtime.

A green box highlights Showtime in Subscriptions page

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4. Tap Cancel (you may not see "free trial" if you're already paying).

A green box highlights Cancel Free Trial in Subscriptions page

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5. Tap Confirm.

A green box highlights Confirm in Confirm Cancellation pop-up

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You've canceled showtime in Apple TV Channels!

A window showing a completed Showtime cancelation

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