Nectar vs Casper: which mattress should you buy?

nectar vs casper
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If you’re looking to buy the best mattress, it’s likely you’ll be considering which is better when it comes to Nectar vs Casper. 

Both hugely popular bed-in-a-box mattress providers, these companies have established themselves as leaders in the market, with thousands of satisfied customers sleeping comfortably every night on their mattresses.

However, choosing the right mattress is big decision. That’s why we’ve pitted Nectar and Casper against each other, going head-to-head in all the areas that really matter to help inform your decision.

So, without further ado, let’s look at Nectar vs Casper to see which comes out on top - and most importantly, which will be best suited to your budget and lifestyle.

Nectar vs Casper: at a glance

With a wide range of mattresses ranging from budget to high-end, Casper has attacked every angle of the market. Nectar, meanwhile, has stuck with what it knows: affordable, quality memory foam mattresses – and users rave about them.

We love Nectar's free gifts. It's mattresses are nearly always sold with at least two free pillows, worth $150 (currently you can save up to $399 of bedding and pillows with any mattress). Casper lags behind in this respect, with less-than-stellar discounts. Plus, Nectar's class-leading trial and warranty are serious selling points.

However, in terms of comfort and support, both brands are highly regarded for a reason, and the mattresses themselves are pretty evenly matched.

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Nectar vs Casper: key specs
Header Cell - Column 0 NectarCasper
Number of mattresses24
Most popular mattressNectar Memory Foam MattressThe Casper Original
Official pricing$798 - $1,398£695 - $1,295
Free giftsWorth $399None
Trial period365 days100 days
Warranty'Forever' (10 years + rest-of-life support)10 years

Nectar vs Casper: which is more affordable?

One of the biggest factors in most people’s decision will be pricing, so let’s get that out the way first. Nectar’s range is modest, but it offers a fair choice for different budgets. 

The most popular mattress, the classic Nectar Memory Foam mattress, starts at $798 for a twin size, topping out at $1,398 for a Cal king. However, these prices are routinely cut quite substantially. For example, the twin is normally sold at just $499, and the Cal king only $999.

The brand's premium offering, the Nectar Lush, is a little pricier, ranging from $1,099 to $1,799. Again, though, discounts are often available, offering flat savings of $100 or more.

Casper’s range opens up with the Element, an entry-level mattress starting at under $400 and topping out at $795. Most shoppers choose the Casper Original, though, which ranges from $595 to $1,295. If you really want to splash out, you can opt for the Nova Hybrid or the Wave Hybrid – the latter of which sells for up to an eye-watering $2,995.

Like Nectar, Casper is no stranger to discounts, regularly offering 10-15% off the Original, Nova and Wave. However, Nectar beats Casper out here: it's run its current offer of $399-worth of free gifts including pillows, sheets, and mattress protectors for months now, alongside its excellent flat discounts.

Overall, Nectar gets our vote here hands down. The Casper Element is the cheapest mattress of both ranges, but for just a little more money you can buy a higher-spec Nectar mattress - and you'll get a load of quality extras added to your order.

Winner: Nectar 

Nectar vs Casper: which has more choice?

Nectar’s slim line-up of just the Nectar Memory Foam and the Nectar Lush doesn’t offer a huge amount of selection – but with the quality on offer the vast majority of people will be satisfied with either.

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress
The Memory Foam is where it all began for Nectar, and it’s still the brand’s best-selling mattress. With a simple yet timeless memory foam construction, cooling cover and an adaptive response layer, it’s all most people need – and currently starting at $499, it’s great value.

Nectar Lush Mattress

Nectar Lush Mattress
For those looking for something more advanced, the Lush offers a higher-spec cooling material in AquaCool – a gel-coated layer that helps regulate body temperature. Plus, the majority of the mattress is made with the exciting-sounding Energex foam, which recovers faster and provides a little more bounce. Currently starting at $999, it’s not too expensive for a premium mattress, either.

Casper offers four mattresses: the Original, the Element, The Nova and the Wave. For anyone looking to spend a bit more and get some high-end tech in their mattress, you’re bound to find something here.

Casper Original Mattress

Casper Original Mattress
Likely what you have in mind when you picture a Casper mattress, the Original is the template upon which all other home-delivery mattresses are based on. Simple in construction, you’ll get three layers of foam (you can specify a hybrid base) plus a removable cover made from recycled bottles. Currently starting at $506, it’s not bad for the money.

Casper Element Mattress

Casper Element Mattress
If you need a new mattress on the cheap, the Element could be a good choice for you. All you’ll get is a slab of Casper’s durable memory foam with a perforated top layer for cooling, but currently starting at a measly $356, it’s incredibly cheap.

Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress

Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress
Casper’s mid-range mattress is the first on this list to use a hybrid construction, and if you’re after the comfort of a memory foam mattress with the support and slight bounce of coils springs, it’s a great choice. It’s also Casper’s softest mattress, so it’s great if you want a really cozy night’s sleep. Currently starting at $931, you get a lot of bed for your money.

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress
We’re now entering the upper echelon of bed-in-a-box mattresses, and Casper’s Wave is a high-tech wonder with a price tag to match. You’ll get cooling gel, ergonomic zones, a hybrid construction and unparalleled airflow – but starting at $1,271 and topping out at over $2,500 including a discount, it’s a real investment.

Both Casper and Nectar also offer bed frames, bedding, and accessories. Casper has a range of three pillows, seven different bed frames (including two adjustable models), sheets, duvets, mattress protectors and weighted blankets, plus a huge range of gifts, including dog beds, lamps, and decorative pillow cases.

Nectar keeps it a little simpler, with four bed frames plus a foundation, two different pillows, mattress protectors, sheets, duvets and blankets, as well as some handsome bedroom furniture. Unfortunately you’ll have to look elsewhere for a dog bed.

Winner: Casper

Nectar vs Casper: which is more comfortable?

Deciding which mattress is most comfortable is possibly the most subjective part of this rundown, but there are some fairly simple guidelines most people are advised to follow.

If you're a back sleeper, a firmer mattress is usually a better option. So, in this case, back sleepers will be best-suited to the Nectar Memory Foam or the Casper Element. Individuals who are heavier than about 250lbs should also go for something firmer; budget mattresses like the Element can tend to feel thin in these cases. 

Side sleepers usually prefer a softer mattress, so the Nectar Lush, the Casper Original, Wave, and even the Nova may be more comfortable. Also, those with back pain might want to opt for a mattress with targeted support, like the Wave.

Below is a table of some conclusions we've come to after analyzing the on-site reviews of hundreds of Nectar and Casper mattress owners – after all, they know better than anyone.

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Nectar vs Casper: which mattress to choose
ModelComfort ratingWho is it best for?
Nectar Memory Foam Medium-firmGreat all-rounder for most people
Nectar LushMediumPerfect for side sleepers looking for more comfort
Casper OriginalMediumAll-round mattress, slightly softer than the Nectar Memory Foam
Casper Nova HybridMedium-softA good pick for those looking for absolute luxury and plushness
Casper Wave HybridMediumHigh-tech support makes the Wave great for those with back pain
Casper ElementMedium-firmGreat for kids, bargain hunters, and those looking for a firmer mattress

Winner: draw

Nectar vs Casper: which do users rate the most?

User reviews for both Casper and Nectar’s mattresses are overwhelmingly positive – and we all know how willing people are to be critical in online reviews.

Nectar's best-selling Memory Foam mattress averages an impressive 4.7 out of 5 from over 22,000 user reviews (October 2020) on the Nectar website. Meanwhile, over at Casper, the best-selling Original scores 4.5 out of 5 from over 19,000 reviews.   

Casper customers seem to, on the whole, prefer Casper’s lower-end mattresses, with the Original and Element receiving great praise on both Amazon and the Casper website. However, both the Nova and Wave are slightly down on-site, and received some criticism on Amazon which has averaged ratings at around 3.5/5. 

This could be due to the fact buyers are expecting a lot more from higher-end mattresses, but reviews are still far from terrible – plus, the Nova is very new, and hasn't got a ton of reviews yet.

Nectar’s Amazon reviews are few and far between, with less than ten for the classic Memory Foam. On-site, however, users have applauded both the classic and the Lush for their comfort and ease of installation, and like Casper's cheaper offerings, users seem very pleased with the combination of value and quality Nectar provides.

Winner: Nectar

Nectar vs Casper: returns policy

Nectar’s 365-day returns policy is far ahead of the vast majority of the market, and Casper still ‘only’ offers the industry standard of 100 days. While 100 days is probably long enough to make up your mind, having a whole year of testing allows you to see whether the mattress is both immediately comfortable and if it suits you throughout all four seasons – an important consideration for those who sleep hot.

In terms of warranty, Nectar is also ahead. While both have a full replacement warranty for 10 years, after that time’s up, with Nectar you can still claim if something goes wrong. You’ll have to pay a delivery/collection fee of $50, but you’ll still be able to have your mattress repaired or replaced, at the company’s discretion. With Casper, once your ten years is up, it’s up.

Winner: Nectar

Nectar vs Casper: final verdict

If you’re looking to buy a quality mid-range mattress and get the best possible value for your money, Nectar is the sensible choice. It comes with a whole plethora of goodies that’ll help totally upgrade your bedroom for free. Plus, that forever warranty and 365-day trial instils tons of confidence, and with excellent discounts almost year-round, there’s great value to be had here.

However, if you’re looking for a hybrid mattress specifically, or you’re willing to splash out a little more on something a bit higher-tech, Casper’s range is worth considering. Even the cheaper offerings are reviewed excellently by users all over the country.

Nectar mattress: Save $400 + get $399 of FREE gifts | Nectar

Nectar mattress: Save $400 + get $399 of FREE gifts | Nectar
Nectar's still running a huge $400 discount on the best-selling Nectar Memory Foam mattress in its fall sale. You'll also get two free premium pillows, a mattress protector and sheet added to your order, worth $399. Deal ends: soon

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