Which is the best Nectar mattress in 2024? Everything you need to know

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Nectar Sleep is the hugely popular brand behind some of the best mattresses for all sleepers, and spearheading Nectar’s mattress range is the best-selling Nectar Memory Foam mattress. It's a great all-foam mattress for smaller budgets and is a great choice for most body types thanks to its keen balance of cushioning and support. We particularly rate it for back and stomach sleepers.

However, there’s plenty more to Nectar than just its flagship model — there are three different Nectar mattresses to choose from, with each appealing to a different body type and sleep style, as well as budget. This guide will help you find the best Nectar mattress for your sleep needs.

The Nectar Premier, for example, is available as an all-foam or a hybrid mattress, the latter being crafted from a combination of coils and foam, as opposed to the all-foam Nectar Memory Foam. As well as increased ventilation thanks to the air pockets created by its coils, the Nectar Premier Hybrid provides a certain degree of sink-in comfort you’ll find from memory foam, as well as the bouncier support of innersprings.

Meanwhile, the Nectar Premier Copper is Nectar’s most advanced (and expensive) mattress, boasting all of the comfort and support of the Nectar Premier, as well as next-level cooling tech designed to reduce overheating during sleep. You'll get a lifetime warranty, 365-night sleep trial and free shipping and returns with every Nectar mattress, and you'll never pay MSRP thanks to regular offers. Our guide to the best Nectar mattress deals walks you through the latest sales.

The Presidents’ Day mattress sales are just around the corner too, which means that now is a great time to invest in a new mattress. Let’s take a closer look at each of these Nectar mattresses in detail now...

The best Nectar mattress overall

The image shows the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress, Nectar's best mattress for most sleepers, on a yellow bed frame in a yellow bedroom

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The best Nectar mattress for most sleepers and budgets


Type: All-foam
Materials: Memory foam, other foams
Firmness: 6.5-7/10
Height: 12"
MSRP: $699 - $1,798

Reasons to buy

Affordable and always on sale
Best for back and stomach sleepers
Good temperature regulation
365-night trial and Forever Guarantee

Reasons to avoid

Strong off-gassing at first
Might be too firm for lightweight sleepers

Nectar’s flagship model has gained a reputation as one of the best mattresses in a box, thanks to its outstanding support and incredible value for money. With a medium-firm sleep surface, this is a mattress that will cradle and support most sleeping styles but side sleepers in particular will appreciate its pressure-relieving support across the shoulders and hips. 

As with all Nectar mattresses, the Nectar mattress is available as both a hybrid and an all-foam model. During our Nectar mattress review, we reviewed an all-foam model which manages to strike the softness and support. Memory foam fans will love the slight sink-in feel of this mattress, while back sleepers will appreciate the slighter firmer sleep surface. However, heavier weight back and stomach sleepers may require something a little more supportive, such as the Sienna Memory Foam mattress. 

While all-foam mattresses tend to retain a little heat, we found that the Nectar was surprisingly cooling and provided excellent temperature regulation, thanks to a cooling cover featuring  polyethylene fibers that is designed to wick away heat. With a queen size Nectar mattress currently costing just $659 most months, this is an excellent all rounder that suits most sleeping styles and budgets. 

Nectar Memory Foam mattress: $699$359 at Nectar Sleep

Nectar Memory Foam mattress: from $699 $359 at Nectar Sleep
The original Nectar mattress is a versatile all-foam model that delivers excellent comfort and support in all sleeping positions. The Nectar Early Presidents' Day sale knocks 40% off the MSRP, which means a queen size now costs $659 – a low price carried on from Cyber Monday. You won't get the usual sleep accessories bundle, but you can buy two pillows, a mattress protector and some sheets for the bargain price of $129 instead of $599. The perks are outstanding for a mid-range mattress too – you'll get a 365-night trial and a lifetime warranty, plus free shipping and returns. 

The best Nectar mattress for side sleepers

The image shows the Nectar Premier Hybrid, the best Nectar mattress for side sleepers, is show in in stylish neutral bedroom

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The best Nectar mattress for side sleepers


Type: Hybrid
Materials: Memory foam, coils
Firmness: 7/10
Height: 13"
MSRP: : $1,349 - $2,998 for a hybrid

Reasons to buy

Promotes great spinal alignment
Supportive yet cushioning
Isolates movements well

Reasons to avoid

Edge support isn't great
Front sleepers may find it too soft
Too tall for regular sheets

The Nectar Premier mattress is a sophisticated addition to Nectar’s sleep suite, boasting seven layers of support compared to the original model’s three. Again, the Nectar Premier is available as both an all-foam and hybrid version. During our Nectar Premier mattress review, we tested out a hybrid version and were impressed with the bouncy support of the inner coils combined with the plush comfort of the memory foam. 

Restless bed sharers will particularly appreciate the motion isolation on the Nectar Premier, as there’s very little motion transfer even as you climb in and out of bed. Those susceptible to back pain can also rest easily — the cushioning layer of memory foam allows a little sink in support which keeps the spine perfectly aligned, especially for those sleeping on their sides (stomach sleepers may need something a little firmer to prevent their spine dipping out of alignment). 

There’s a 1" cooling cover to regulate temperature. However, edge support isn’t particularly great but may only be an issue for you if you are sleeping on a smaller mattress size or if you have mobility issues and require sturdy edge support. This is a supportive mattress, even for heavier weight sleepers. However, if you weigh over 240 lbs, check out our guide to the best mattresses for heavy people.

Nectar Premier Hybrid mattress: $1,349$799 at Nectar

Nectar Premier Hybrid mattress: from $1,349 $799 at Nectar
The Premier sits in the middle of Nectar's US range and is available both as a hybrid and as an all foam version that features gel memory foam and phase-change material to keep you cool. However, if you are prone to overheating, you might want to explore the Nectar Premier Copper below. Nectar Sleep is knocking 40% off the MSRP right now, reducing the price of a queen size Premier Hybrid down to $1,099. You'll also get free shipping, a forever warranty and a full year to decide if it's the right mattress for you. 

The best cooling Nectar mattress

The image shows a young couple and their dog sitting on the Nectar Premier Copper Mattress, the brand's best cooling mattress

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The best luxury cooling Nectar mattress for side sleepers


Type: All foam (hybrid also available)
Material: Memory foam, other foam
Firmness: 6/10
Height: 14"
MSRP: $1,449 - $3,298 for an all-foam model

Reasons to buy

Excellent cooling features
Great for side sleepers
Good motion isolation
Excellent trial and warranty

Reasons to avoid

Weak edge support
Lacks support for back sleepers
Might be too soft for some

The Nectar Premier Copper provides the same blissful pressure relief as the Premier, but also packs in some next-level cooling technology which works to keep even the hottest of sleepers nice and cool. However, unlike some cooling mattresses, the Nectar Premier Copper’s outstanding temperature regulation doesn’t come at the expense of its support and comfort levels, which is why it ranks so highly in our best cooling mattresses guide.

During our Nectar Premier Copper review we tested out the all-foam option and found it particularly supportive for side sleepers, thanks to its pressure-relieving comfort, particularly across the shoulders and hips. As a medium-firm, this mattress will suit most sleeping styles, however, heavier weight and stomach sleepers may require something a little more supportive, such as the Casper Wave Snow

As Nectar’s most advanced mattress, it is also the most expensive of the range. However, an early up to 40% off Presidents’ Day mattress sale means you can buy a queen size mattress for $1,249 at Nectar Sleep from $1,949, which translates to a healthy saving of $700 (you’ll pay a little more for a hybrid). It’s still in the upper-range price bracket, but the Nectar Premier Copper is a fantastic cooling mattress for back and side sleepers. 

Nectar Premier Copper: $1,499$999 at Nectar

Nectar Premier Copper: from $1,499 $999 at Nectar
Nectar's Early Presidents' Day sale reduces the price of an all-foam Premier Copper mattress down by 36%, which brings the price of a queen down to $1,249 from $1,949. This is an excellent price for Nectar's most advanced mattress, but doesn't quite match the 40% off savings we saw during the last major sale event. But with President's Day around the corner, we might see those levels of savings recreated. As with all Nectar mattresses, this mattress is also available as a hybrid, with prices starting at $1,099 instead of $1,799 (you pay a little extra for an extra layer of springs). 

Nectar mattress FAQ

When is the best time to buy a Nectar mattress?

Why you can trust Tom's Guide Our writers and editors spend hours analyzing and reviewing products, services, and apps to help find what's best for you. Find out more about how we test, analyze, and rate.

We often get asked when is the best time to buy a mattress and the truth is there are five major mattress sales that happen throughout the year. These apply to Nectar too, but from our experience of covering mattress deals the best time to buy a Nectar mattress is actually in October. That's because for the past few years Nectar Sleep has launched a flash sale offering the biggest discounts of the year on its memory foam and hybrid beds.

How to return a Nectar mattress in a box

Nectar Sleep offers one of the longest mattress trials in the industry at 365 nights, as does its sister brands Awara and DreamCloud, plus luxury mattress brands including Saatva and Avocado Mattress. 

There are free returns on any Nectar mattress (unopened and opened boxed mattresses) as long as the bed is returned within the trial period and you meet the following criteria:

  • Unopened mattresses cannot be returned no earlier than 30 days after delivery.
  • Opened Nectar mattresses must be returned no later than 365 days after delivery.
  • The mattress must be in a condition where Nectar Sleep can donate it, with normal wear and tear only (Nectar Sleep decides what is normal wear and tear).
  • The mattress must be used on an appropriate base, frame, or foundation.
  • Mold growth due to misuse of the mattress may void the return.
  • Mattresses unopened within 90 days of delivery are considered 'misused' and are not covered by the warranty or eligible for return.
  • Returns need to be processed via the Nectar Customer Care team.

If you open a Nectar mattress and decide to sleep on it, we strongly advise covering in it the best mattress protector you can to safeguard it from spills and stains. That way, if you do decide to return your Nectar mattress in a box it will be in a condition that (hopefully) Nectar Sleep deems good enough for donation. 

Unbox your mattress as soon as you receive it too – don't let it sit in the box otherwise it may not expand to shape and the materials may be damaged and not reach their full potential.

Nectar vs Purple: Which mattress should you pick?

One of Nectar’s strongest boxed bed competitors is the Purple mattress, so which one is best for your sleep? Well, the answer depends largely on your body type and sleeping style. 

Both are the flagship models for their mattress brands and both offer outstanding support for most sleeping positions and both regulate temperature very well. However, the Purple provides outstanding support for heavy weight sleepers with back pain, while the Nectar provides blissful pressure relief for back and side sleepers, but isn’t quite supportive enough for heavy bodies or stomach sleepers. 

Nectar is more affordable than the Purple, plus Nectar’s benefits — a 365 night sleep trial, lifetime warranty and free shipping and returns — out-perform Purple’s benefits and price-point. You can read our Purple mattress review for an in depth analysis. 

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