Amazon Fire TV Gets New Apps, Flappy Bird Exclusive

The Amazon Fire TV streaming box was well received, and Amazon reported that it had sold out a few weeks after the release. The Fire TV offers access to streaming services like Netflix and Pandora as well as games like Minecraft and The Walking Dead.  

Today (Aug 4), Amazon announced that it has doubled the Fire TV app selection, including streaming services like WATCH Disney Channel, WATCH Disney Jr. and WWE Network. Amazon also said that it plans on adding even more streaming apps by the end of the year, including WATCH ABC, WATCH ABC Family, and NFL Now. Amazon also added a number of games, including popular titles like The Wolf Among Us and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

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However, the most notable option is Amazon's exclusive access to the re-release of the Flappy Birds Family.  After Flappy Bird was pulled from the App Store and Google Play Store in February 2014, fans of the simple game have had no outlets to get their simplistic fix. But Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen later announced that the next game would be released in August exclusively in the Amazon App store as Flappy Birds Family, a newly designed version of the title that would include multiplayer functionality.

We reviewed the Fire TV in April, and weren't terribly impressed by the available apps, including games. So these updates are a welcome addition. However, Flappy Birds Family itself may not be the killer app that convinces buyers to consider the Fire TV. 

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