If you have back pain like I do, this is the mattress to buy in the Saatva Presidents' Day sale

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I test mattresses for a living. That's cool. I also suffer from regular bouts of back pain. That's not so cool. However, my line of work has allowed me to try several mattresses that make me forget that my back pain exists. My favorite is the Saatva RX, which is now $400 off after our exclusive discount link. This is a stronger offer than the general Saatva Presidents' Day mattress sale, which features a smaller dollar-off amount for sizes under king.

The Saatva RX looks a lot like the flagship Saatva Classic, which tops our best mattress guide. What sets the Saatva RX apart from its popular sibling is careful attention to proper relief and support for sleepers with chronic or serious back ailments like arthritis, sciatica, and scoliosis. I have a mild case of scoliosis, which likely contributes to my back issues along with years of poor posture.

You'll still need to save your pennies to buy this luxury mattress, even during this Presidents' Day mattress sale. After our exclusive $400 savings, a queen Saatva RX is $2,895. Still, I think the Saatva RX is worth the investment if aches and pains make it difficult for you to get comfortable. It has a nice, balanced feel, with great edge support so you can push off the side of the bed when getting up. Might I add how luxurious it looks? This isn't your regular orthopedic mattress.

Don't overlook the extras, either. To save your back from further strain, you'll get free White Glove Delivery plus optional removal of your existing mattress and foundation. That's in addition to a 365-night trial and a lifetime warranty. The only caveat is a $99 return fee. That aside, I highly recommend the Saatva RX if you're tired of back pain keeping you up at night.

The Saatva RX at Saatva
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The Saatva RX at Saatva
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Saving: $400 off every size at Saatva

Summary: The gel-infused memory foam and micro coils Saatva RX hybrid tops our best mattress for back pain, having scored very highly in recent tests for pressure relief, back support, and full body comfort during our Saatva RX review. It’s the first Saatva mattress to feature the brand’s Therapeutic Support Core tech, which adapts to your curves whenever you shift positions in bed. After sleeping on a cheaper and firmer hybrid mattress, the medium-firm Saatva RX was a welcome change of pace for me. I went from waking up with a stiff, sore back every morning to having trouble getting out of bed because I was way too comfy. There's also excellent edge support, which is a boon for sleepers who rely on the sides of their bed for leverage when getting up or down. 

Price history: During regular Saatva mattress sales we normally see as much as $400 off the Saatva RX. It's not a flat discount and smaller sizes usually receive lesser savings (between $300 and $350 off for sizes smaller than a king). Our exclusive discount cuts $400 for every size of the RX, reducing the cost of a queen to $2,895. During the standard Satava Presidents' Day sale, that drops to just $2,945. Sure, it's only a $50 differential, but those savings all add up in the long run, right?

Benefits: 365-night trial | Lifetime warranty | Free bed installation | Mattress and foundation removal

Is a firm mattress best for back pain?

Contrary to popular belief, firm mattresses aren't always the best for back pain. However, you may want a firmer bed to help relieve your aches if you weigh over 230lbs or your pain is situated in your lower back or neck. Stomach sleepers will want a firm bed, as well, but that position isn't recommended if you have back pain.

Otherwise, a medium-firm mattress should offer you the best balance of support and relief for your ailments. (The Saatva RX featured here has a medium-firm feel.) Firmness and comfort are subjective, though, so make sure your mattress comes with at least 30 nights to try it out.

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