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Here's What the Pixel 4 Could Look Like

Google is gearing up to launch its Pixel 4 smartphone later this year. And when it does, there's a chance the company might opt for a revamped design, complete with a punch hole at the top, if a new leak is to be believed.

Credit: Skinomi

(Image credit: Skinomi)

Screen protector company Skinomi has unveiled a new screen protector for the future Google Pixel 4. The screen protector, which was earlier discovered by Tech Radar, shows a cut-out at the top-right of the screen where the front-facing cameras will live. There's also a slight etching at the top to make room for the earpiece. At the chin, you'll find the microphone for talking into the device.

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Of course, Google isn't preparing to launch the Pixel 4 until later this year, so it's unclear what Skinomi is using to create the device's screen protector. It's possible that the company is simply guessing at what Google will do next, but it's also possible that the company is also basing it on some information it might have gotten from Google.

Unlike Apple, which likes to keep its design plans as close to the vest as possible, some Android makers allow their third-party accessories partners to start designing products ahead of time. That allows those products to hit store shelves at the same time as their devices. The problem, however, is that some case and accessories makers can leak details ahead of time.

If the leaked image is really the Google Pixel 4, it appears to be taking cues from Samsung's Galaxy S10. There's a thin bezel all around and the screen dominates the front of the device. And with the punch hole at the top-right of the screen, Google is clearly eyeing ways to bring a new way of capturing selfies without sacrificing too much screen real estate.

We can't tell from the images what the back of the device will look like and there's no word on specs. But at the very least, it provides some insight into what Google might be thinking as it prepares to launch the Pixel 4 later this year. Be sure to catch up on all of the latest Pixel 4 rumors.

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