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FolderShare Software Review


Microsoft’s FolderShare is similar to BeInSync in that it allows for synchronization of folders across an Internet connection and can enable remote access and file sharing capabilities.

foldershare software

FolderShare Main Screen

Setting up a synchronization pairing is similar to how a pairing is achieved with BeInSync. Either side of the sync pair when connected to FolderShare can see the files on the other, or it’s just a simple matter of selecting the files to match up.

foldershare software

It’s also a simple matter to invite others to see files with varying levels of permission for read/write/edit as well.

Where FolderShare doesn’t compare well with BeInSync is in the simple matter of easily identifiable sync/share folders. FolderShare does not change the icon (as BeInSync does) for sync/share folders so it’s not nearly as easy to quickly identify which files are actually synced or shared on a user desktop. FolderShare also lacks the notification options as well as the full set of network options that BeInSync has for CPU usage and network speed.

foldershare software

The settings screen is bare, lacking proper FolderShare branding or identification. That said, FolderShare (which is technically still a beta) is a Free service, and minor nitpicks aside, it does work to effectively sync PCs across a network with relative ease.

Product GoodSyncSyncBackSEAllway Sync FolderMatch/ FolderClone
Version7. / 2.0.0
PriceTrial / $19.95Trial / $30Free/ $19.95Trial / $55 bundle
Online AccessSSH/FTPN/AN/AN/A
USB thumb drive autosyncYesYesYesN/A

Product SyncToyBeInSync FolderShare
Version2.0 beta3.2.53Beta
PriceBeta FreeTrial / Pro $59.95Beta Free
Online AccessN/APortalPortal
USB thumb drive autosyncYesN/AN/A