Best Smart Thermostats 2017

Winter is coming, so it's time to start thinking about keeping warm and saving money, too. A smart thermostat will not only let you you monitor and control your home’s temperature from your smartphone, PC or tablet -- but can help reduce your energy bill too. That’s because these devices can monitor temperature and humidity inside and outside your home, your comings and goings, and tailor heating and cooling cycles accordingly.

Based on our comprehensive testing, the Ecobee4 is the best overall choice in this category because its sensors let you deliver the right temperature on a room-by-room basis. It also knows which rooms are occupied and comes with an intuitive app, and it works with Apple's HomeKit among many other smart home systems. Plus, it has Alexa built in, so you can interact with Amazon's voice assistant without purchasing an Echo or an Echo Dot.

Our runner-up is the third-generation Nest Learning Thermostat, which, now in its third generation, has a larger display than before, and works with a multitude of other smart home devices, including Amazon Alexa devices.

If you have a smaller apartment, the Ecobee3 Lite is a more cost-effective option; while you don't get the remote sensor, it still will work with a wide range of other smart home devices, and is just as easy to use.

How We Tested and Rated

I installed—or had installed—several smart thermostats in my apartment, and tested them separately for at least one week. This included not just changing the temperature, but also evaluating its accompanying app and web portal, if available. If the thermostat worked with other smart home devices or Web-connected services (such as IFTTT), I tested that functionality as well.

As you'll see in our comparison table (above), we break down the features you should look for in a smart thermostat. The Ecobee is the only device we tested that supports multiple zones.

How to Install a Smart Thermostat

For the most part, installing a thermostat, smart or not, is a fairly easy process, usually involving nothing more than a screwdriver and about half an hour of your time. Here's our video guide for installing a Nest thermostat, however, the procedure is similar for almost any thermostat.

MORE: How to Connect a Nest Thermostat to Amazon Alexa

Other Smart Thermostats We Reviewed

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  • wolf39
    Sorry - it's simply not true that Ecobee can support multiple zones. IT definitely CAN'T! It supports multiple thermostats, however it is not able to control multiple zones, which makes multiple thermostats kind of obsolete and nonsensical (unless you want to raise room temperature everywhere if you for example your bedroom is too cold). If you need multiple zone control support you need to get evohome or tado.
  • Carl_12
    Can we install a thermostat ourselves ??
  • bukzin
    Yes, these are meant to be installed by homeowners.
  • Nguyen_13
    thank for you sharing!
  • SteveReeves
    I think the room sensors that allow for temp control in the room that you're in is great!

    I've seen some smart vents that close themselves off too.

    Wonder if Nest is doing anything to counter this in upcoming releases.
  • gardavis
    The Ecobee3 Lite now can support the sensors. In fact, they have a promotion at the vendor's site that includes 2 sensors and the Lite for $169. Also, I don't think the display is color as you say.