You can get the Nest Thermostat for just $1 right now — here’s how

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I moved into my first home almost a year ago, somehow enduring poorly insulated walls and chilly drafts emanating from tiny gaps around the front door. There are two thermostats located in different areas of my home that control the upstairs and downstairs baseboard heating, which I found out to be ineffective last winter — and I don’t intend on making the same mistake this year.

That’s because I snagged the Google Nest Thermostat for $1, a tremendous savings over the smart thermostat's usual cost of $129. I’m essentially getting one of the best smart thermostats around at a 99% discount. Better yet, you might get a Nest Thermostat of your won for free depending on who provides your gas, heating, and electric services.

Google Nest Thermostat: was $129 now $1 w/instant rebate @ Google

Google Nest Thermostat: was $129 now $1 w/instant rebate @ Google
Why heat or cool your home the old fashion way when the Google Nest Thermostat can do it all efficiently? The Nest Thermostat can also save you energy costs by setting up automations that will effectively cool and heat your home.

If you head over to Google’s landing page for the Nest Thermostat, you’ll see an offer at the top for rebates and rewards from various energy providers. After punching in my zip code, the website populated all the deals available in my area — with one of them being from my electricity provider.

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While I ended up paying $1 for the Google Nest Thermostat, there were other deals that made the device entirely free, so make sure to look at the complete list as you may find that your electricity company is offering you a $1 deal while your natural gas company could be giving a thermostat to you for free. The only additional fees I ended up paying for were the sales tax and shipping, which ended up totaling $13.61 at check out.

Screen shots of Google Nest Thermostat deals.

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Why get the Google Nest Thermostat? Not only do I like its clean design, but it’ll upgrade the heating and cooling system of my home by making things more efficient. Unlike traditional thermostats that trigger your home’s heating once the temperature reaches a certain level, the Nest Thermostat could be configured so that certain areas or rooms get the proper heating — rather than having hot air blown in every room.

Since it’s a smart thermostat, you can also get glanceable details about your home’s conditions through the Google Home app. Plus, you can always manually tell Google Assistant through voice commands to activate the heating or cooling system. But the biggest benefit of the Google Nest Thermostat is how it can conserve energy through routines. For example, a routine could be set up so that the heating system only begins to activate when you’re on your way home — saving unnecessary energy waste trying to keep a house warm when no one’s there.

All of these reasons are why smart thermostats like the Google Nest Thermostat are invaluable. In fact, they’re one of the most underrated smart home devices you can get for your home.

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