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Belkin Cans FlyWire Wireless HDMI

A year ago we reported that Belkin was bringing out a wireless HDMI solution called the FlyWire for home theater loves who have a hate for cables.

The FlyWire system consists of a transmitter and a receiver that connects to most HD devices. According to Belkin literature, FlyWire can adjust both its frequency and power to overcome interference. Furthermore, the company says the video signal is transmitted without compression and is of the same quality as if it were sent through an HDMI cable. The system is HDCP compatible, something that should make the MPAA and RIAA very happy.

As cool as the product sounds, it'll never see the light of day. CNet has confirmed with Belkin that the FlyWire product has been cancelled. Specifically, a Belkin representative said that FlyWire was canceled because "its retail price of $1,499 would be out of line given the current state of the economy."

Given the price of HDMI cables (if you buy them from the right place) and the falling price of Blu-ray Disc players to as low as $100, a $1,499 wireless system does seem out of line.

Hopefully someday we'll see the product return at a new, affordable price point.