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The best Usenet providers 2021

best usenet providers
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Although it isn't as large or as widely used as the internet, Usenet remains a valuable and active part of the global technology community. In short, Usenet is composed of more than 100,000 newsgroups where people can share articles, visual media, and virtually any other digital object. 

These newsgroups tend to be heavily themed and may be moderated or unmoderated. In many cases, they operate similarly to internet-based forums such as Reddit. However, Usenet offers much greater privacy and anonymity than internet groups, which is one of the main reasons why it remains so popular today.

To access Usenet newsgroups, you will need to subscribe to some sort of Usenet service provider. These vary according to their retention time, or the length of time archives remain online, the number of newsgroups they provide access to, their upload and file sharing limits, and more. 

To help you select the best Usenet provider, we’ve covered some of our top choices in this guide. Many of these have free trials or very limited free versions, but expect to pay something in the vicinity of $10 per month for a premium subscription.

The best Usenet provider you can get today:

newshosting - best usenet provider

Newshosting is arguably the world’s most powerful Usenet provider (Image credit: Newshosting)

The best overall Usenet provider

Retention: 4577+ days
Newsgroups: Over 110,000
Maximum connections: 60
SSL: Yes
Free trial: Two weeks
Reasons to buy
+Powerful newsreader with search and file preview features+Huge 4577+ day retention time+Decent free trial
Reasons to avoid
-50GB transfer limit with the cheapest plan-VPN can be a little basic

Newshosting is regularly rated among the best Usenet providers in the world, and for good reason. It provides access to a huge number of newsgroups through its extensive US and European server networks, has one of the best retention times we’ve seen, and generally excels across the board. 

One stand-out feature of Newshosting’s service is its included newsreader and built-in search tool, which is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. With this, you will be able to search across the supported newsgroups, locating specific files or general information as required. 

In addition, Newshosting offers PrivadoVPN (from $4.99 per month) for additional privacy. This VPN boasts an impressive zero-logging policy, a beginner-friendly user interface, and some of the best connection speeds we’ve seen. 

There are three subscription options available, along with a two-week free trial (with a 30GB download limit). The cheapest Lite plan ($10 per month) comes with full access to all groups, up to 30 connections, 24/7 customer support, and full SSL encryption. However, you will be constrained by a 50GB data transfer limit, which may not be enough if you want to transfer large files. 

For unlimited data transfer, consider upgrading to the Unlimited plan, which costs $12.95 per month with an annual subscription or $14.95 with monthly payments. Or go for the XL Powerpack package (from $15.83 per month), which includes everything in the Unlimited plan, along with a free VPN subscription and a free Easynews account.  

The bottom line: It’s hard to go wrong with Newshosting if you’re looking for a solid, no-frills Usenet provider.

eweka usenet provider

Eweka is one of the best Usenet providers we’ve used (Image credit: Eweka)

A great choice with very few flaws

Retention: 4573 days
Newsgroups: 125,000+ groups
Maximum connections: 50
SSL: Yes
Free trial: 7 days
Reasons to buy
+Access to more than 125,000 newsgroups+Fast downloads up to 300Mbps+Unlimited transfers across the board
Reasons to avoid
-All servers are EU-based-50 connection maximum

Eweka is a popular Usenet provider with years of industry experience and a reputation for excellence. It runs independent data centers across Europe and operates a trans-Atlantic Usenet backbone to deliver excellent speeds across the Americas as well. 

The current retention of 4573 days (12.5 years) is excellent. Basically, it means you will be able to access a much greater range of content, increasing your chances of finding what you’re looking for. 

We were also impressed with the number of newsgroups available, with Eweka claiming to provide access to more than 125,000 groups. This is up there with the largest number offered by any Usenet provider. 

As a European company, Eweka’s prices are listed in euro. Purchase the pre-paid Standard (from €7.50 per month, approximately $9.12) or pre-paid High-Speed (from €9.60 per month, approximately $11.68) plan for unlimited downloads, 20 connections, a free SSL certificate, and more. Or, go for the Subscription High-Speed plan (from €7.00 per month, approximately $8.52) for a long-term discount.

giganews usenet provider

Giganews provides excellent Usenet access (Image credit: Giganews)

A feature-rich Usenet experience

Retention: 17+ years text, 3+ years binary
Newsgroups: 110,000+
Maximum connections: 100
SSL: Yes
Free trial: 14-day
Reasons to buy
+Excellent speeds across the world+Unlimited transfer with all subscriptions+Free VPN included
Reasons to avoid
-Quite expensive compared to competitors-No anonymous payment methods

Founded in 1994, Giganews has long been one of the best Usenet providers. It claims to support both commercial and retail customers in more than 170 countries across the world and delivers access to more than 110,000 newsgroups. 

Giganews’ unlimited Usenet speed was one thing that stood out to us. According to the company website, you will be able to browse at the full capacity of your internet connection. This is especially true in North America and Europe due to the company’s server cluster locations. 

Another bold claim is that Giganews offers 100% newsgroup completion. It does this by storing multiple versions of every single article in different server clusters. And what’s more, you will have access to text content from more than 17 years ago and binary content from more than three years ago. 

There are three different subscription options, with significant discounts available at the time of writing. Every plan comes with unlimited transfer, SSL encryption, the no-log VyprVPN, and 100 connections. 

A monthly subscription costs $9.99 per month (normally $17.99 per month), a half-yearly plan costs $9.17 per month (normally $14.99 per month), and annual payments start at $8.33 per month (normally $17.99 per month).


(Image credit: UsenetServer)

Basic service for Usenet veterans

Retention: 4,221 days
Newsgroups: 100,000+
Maximum connections: 20
SSL: Yes
Free trial: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Budget-friendly+NZB search engine+Free VPN with annual plan
Reasons to avoid
-Only core service

UsenetServer offers a solid core service with unlimited downloads and excellent download speeds (above 240Mb) thanks to its multiple servers in the US and EU. Additionally, the vendor’s network backbone connects to more than 800 broadband access providers across the globe.

Accompanied by a free NZB search engine (but not a newsreader), the platform has a long retention period, with 4,221 days and counting. It only allows up to 20 connections, but you do get a zero-log VPN with its annual plan, as well as a lower price compared to the competition, especially if you opt for the annual subscription. 

Due to maintaining peering relationships with all major and most smaller Usenet providers, UsenetServer provides access to almost any article posted to Usenet anywhere in the world. If you’re not sure about this provider, you can test it for 14 days before making your final decision.

Tweaknews - Usenet provider

(Image credit: TweakNews)

Practical Usenet provider with lots of subscription options

Retention: 3,400 days
Newsgroups: N/A
Maximum connections: 60
SSL: Yes
Free trial: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Flexible pricing+Free newsreader+VPN with the priciest plan
Reasons to avoid
-Retention isn’t among the top

TweakNews is a basic service whose top plan includes unlimited download speeds and downloads, 60 maximum connections, and a free zero-log VPN with servers in over 50 countries. Other plans are solid as well, although limiting speeds to 50 and 100Mbps and allowing up to 30 and 40 connections, respectively. 

Regardless of the plan, there’s a solid retention period of 3,400 days and all users get a 10-day risk-free trial. A free newsreader with search and file preview capabilities comes in handy for non-experienced users.

In addition to regular plans, you can also purchase block subscriptions that do not include a free trial or free VPN and have the same speed - 100Mb. Their prices depend on the fixed amount of data.