DreamCloud vs Purple: Which is the best mattress for you?

The DreamCloud Hybrid is shown on the left of the image and the Purple Original mattress is show on the right
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The DreamCloud Hybrid and the Purple Original might both be flagship mattresses for their respective brands, but there are some significant differences between the two. In this DreamCloud vs Purple mattress comparison, we will explore how the high-ranking DreamCloud hybrid holds up against Purple’s innovative all-foam construction. 

Ranking highly in our official best mattress guide, the DreamCloud has gained thousands of 5-star reviews since its debut — so it’s hardly surprising that it tops our best hybrid mattress roundup. The Purple Original, on the other hand, boasts its trademark adaptive technology and foam layers, which have landed them scores of industry awards. 

Price-wise, there’s a pretty big difference between the two. The MSRP for a queen size DreamCloud hybrid mattress is $1,332, but you’ll never have to pay that. Dreamcloud’s rolling sale brings the price down to the mid-range bracket but right now you can get a queen size DreamCloud hybrid mattress for just $665, thanks to their 50% off flash sale. Purple’s MSRPs are similar to the DreamCloud, but they’re a little more frugal with their discounts, which means a queen size Purple Original mattress is $1,199, which is a fairly significant price difference. 

Is the Purple Original worth the price hike? You can read our DreamCloud Hybrid mattress review and Purple Original mattress review for in depth individual analyses, but we’ve tackled the important differences between the two here. So, if you have just entered the market for a new mattress (or already know which bed you want but want to check out its rival first), our DreamCloud vs Purple comparison piece will help guide you towards the right mattress for your sleep. 

DreamCloud Hybrid: $839DreamCloud

DreamCloud Hybrid: from $839 $369 at DreamCloud The DreamCloud is excellent value for money at any time of the year, but right now there is a better than Black Friday flash sale happening with 50% off every size. That drops the price of a queen size DreamCloud to $665, compared to $799 in last month's sale. That's an unbeatable price for a luxury hybrid bed that comes with a forever warranty, free shipping and free returns if you change your mind within the 365-night trial period. Don't miss this one.

Purple Original: $1,399$1,199 atPurple

Purple Original: from $1,399 $1,199 at Purple
Purple mattress deals are more conservative than DreamCloud's, but they're still worth taking advantage of. Right now, you can buy a queen size Purple original mattress for $1199, which is a saving of $200. This is a fabulous buy for back and side sleepers who are looking for a comfortable and durable mattress at a reasonable price point. When you buy a mattress from Purple you get a generous 100-night trial and 10-year warranty. They even offer free delivery. 

DreamCloud vs Purple: Specs

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Row 0 - Cell 0 DreamCloudPurple
Type:Hybrid'GelFlex' mattress-in-a-box
Internal layers:53
Firmness: 8/107/10
Height: 14"9.25"
Trial:365 nights100 nights
Warranty:Lifetime10 years
Price (MSRP):From $839$799

DreamCloud vs Purple: Price, trials & warranties

  • A queen size DreamCloud is usually on sale for $799 
  • Expect to pay around $1,199 for a queen size Purple
  • DreamCloud’s sleep trial and warranties are longer  

Thanks to its omnipresent sale, the DreamCloud mattress sits in the lower-mid to mid-range price bracket, while the Purple mattress is an upper mid-range model. It is unlikely, however, that you’ll ever have to pay full price for either as year-long mattress deals are a staple of both brands. 

We tend to see 40% off a DreamCloud mattress in the DreamCloud sales, so their current 50% off flash sale is definitely worth taking advantage of. Prices on a DreamCloud Hybrid start at just $369 for a twin, which is an incredible price for a hybrid mattress with this level of luxe. 

Purple are currently knocking $200 off their trademark mattress, which means that prices start from $599 for a twin size mattress. This is a pretty standard discount from this brand, so it’s worth following our  Purple mattress deals page for any flash sales. Major sale events around public holidays usually garner the greatest savings, but it’s always worth keeping your eye out for mattress sales throughout the year. 

In terms of benefits, DreamCloud offers a generous year-long sleep trial and a very enticing lifetime mattress warranty. Meanwhile,  Purple offers a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.  Both offer free shipping and returns, but Purple trumps DreamCloud in this department as it gives you 2 shipping options — standard shipping within 2 business days (which means if you order it today you’ll have it in time for Christmas), or in-home setup within 2 weeks. 

So, how much do these mattresses cost when they aren't on sale? Here’s our DreamCloud vs Purple mattress MSRP price comparison:

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Price comparison
Row 0 - Cell 0 DreamCloudPurple
Twin MSRP:$839$799
Twin XL MSRP:$1,089$999
Full MSRP:$1,199$1,199
Queen MSRP:$1, 332$1,399
King MSRP:$1,669$1,799
Split king MSRP:$1,669$1,799
Cal king MSRP:$2,178$1,998

DreamCloud vs Purple price winner: DreamCloud
While Purple may give more delivery options, DreamCloud is the clear winner in terms of price. It is one of the best affordable mattresses, which means you get a luxury hybrid that punches way beyond its affordable price tag. Its extras are more generous than Purple’s, too, such as the 365-night trial and a lifetime warranty. Its current 50% off price of $665 is as good as it gets for this mattress.  

DreamCloud vs Purple: Materials & design

  • The DreamCloud is an exceptionally well-made hybrid mattress  
  • The Purple boasts an innovative hyper-elastic gel-grid layer
  • We rated the DreamCloud 8/10 and the Purple is 7/10 for firmness 

The DreamCloud mattress is an incredibly well-crafted hybrid mattress, which means it’s made from a combination of coils as well as four layers of memory foam. The Purple mattress contains three layers of foam, including its hyper-elastic innovative GelFlex Grid layer for additional pressure relief. 

Image shows the internal layers of the DreamCloud Mattress

(Image credit: DreamCloud)

The DreamCloud starts off with a quilted cashmere cover, which unfortunately isn’t removable for washing. Underneath is a layer of contouring foam, followed by gel memory foam for pressure relief and a transition layer to pad out the individually wrapped springs. At the base is another layer of high density foam for stability, with a non-slip cover underneath to keep the mattress in place.

The Purple Original is 9.5 inches in height and made up of three layers, offering a medium-firm comfort level that we rated as 7 out of 10 for firmness. The first layer is Purple’s patented Purple Grid technology, which is a hyper-elastic polymer grid that is highly durable and adapts to body type and sleep position. The next two layers are made using polyurethane foam; the second layer is 3.25 inches, and the third is 4 inches. The Purple mattress also comes with a breathable, stretchy cover — but this one can be removed for convenience.

Diagram showing internal layers of Purple Original mattress

(Image credit: Purple)

DreamCloud vs Purple material winner: Purple Original
Both the DreamCloud and Purple are quality, well-crafted mattresses — but are entirely different beasts. The DreamCloud is a hybrid, which means it’s made from coils and foam, while the all-foam Purple Original boasts some seriously impressive innovative design, both of which work to support and contour your body while you sleep. The Purple just pips the DreamCloud to the post, however, with its practical removable cover. 

DreamCloud vs Purple: Comfort & support

  •  We rated the DreamCloud 8/10, which makes it a firm mattress
  • In line with our 7/10 firmness rating, the Purple is a medium-firm 
  • The Purple may be too soft for heavier bodies 

In our Purple Original mattress review, our mattress testers rated it as 7 out of 10 for firmness, which puts it in the medium-firm category. The DreamCloud is a little firmer at 8 out of 10 (and much firmer than its official 6.5 out of 10 rating), which makes it a great choice for heavier bodies and front sleepers. Our stomach-sleeping reviewer remarked that they didn’t feel their hips dip at all while sleeping on the DreamCloud. Side and back sleepers said they still felt exceptionally comfortable, though light sleepers may find it too firm for their frames. 

The Purple mattress is cushioned yet supportive, and provides excellent pressure relief for side sleepers. Although the all-foam feel may take a while to get used to for some, our reviewers agreed that once you do, sleeping on this mattress is like ‘floating on air.’ While heavier or front sleepers may prefer the firmness of a Purple Hybrid, you may still appreciate the original’s softness.

Although completely different mattresses, both the Purple Original and DreamCloud provide excellent pressure relief. Heavier sleepers will immediately glean DreamCloud’s supportive, lumbar cradling benefits, lighter bodies may take a little longer. Meanwhile, both the Purple and DreamCloud provide excellent motion isolation, which is great news for couples and restless sleepers.

DreamCloud vs Purple comfort winner: DreamCloud
The Purple mattress’ clever technology makes for a unique sleep experience, but it might not be to everyone’s taste — especially if you’re of a heavier build (if that’s you, try the Purple Hybrid). In contrast, the DreamCloud is supportively comfortable for most sleepers, despite its firm rating. Both back and stomach sleepers will appreciate having correct spine alignment and lumbar support. 

DreamCloud vs Purple: Temperature control

  • Both the DreamCloud and Purple boast cooling tech to keep temps low 
  • The DreamCloud is a hybrid, which means more breathability
  • The Purple’s grid layer stimulates airflow in the same way as coils  

Man lying on Purple GelFlex grid to show how it compresses under pressure

(Image credit: Purple)

Both mattresses provide excellent temperature regulation, which is great news for hot sleepers — even our testers who are prone to overheating felt cool and comfortable in both beds. While neither are cooling mattresses per se, both contain some degree of cooling technology. 

As a rule, all-foam mattresses tend to trap more heat than spring or hybrid mattresses, yet the Purple’s GelFlex Grid layer effectively dissipates heat and boosts overall breathability, while the removable cooling cover provides additional temperature regulating properties.

The DreamCloud also contains some cooling technology in the form of a gel-infused comfort layer, a coil layer for better airflow, plus its breathable cashmere blend cover. During our review, one of our hot sleepers was pleasantly surprised when they didn’t wake up in a sweat.

DreamCloud Mattress US

(Image credit: Future)

DreamCloud vs Purple temperature winner: DreamCloud
The two mattresses gave our reviewers a cool night’s sleep, and impressed even those who run particularly hot. Not too shabby for two beds that are technically not considered cooling mattresses. However, DreamCloud slightly beats out the Purple mattress as it has slightly more cooling tech features. Even so, if you’re a lightweight, side sleeper but need temperature regulation that some foam mattresses can’t provide, the Purple Original is still a great option. 

Buy the DreamCloud if...

✅  You're on a tighter budget: The DreamCLoud mattress is a luxury hybrid at an unbeatably affordable price, especially at it's current 50% off price. 

✅  You’re a hot sleeper: While hot sleepers should also fare well with the Purple Original, this mattress has slightly more cooling features, and left reviewers with cool, sweat-free nights

✅  You’re a heavy or front sleeper: With an 8/10 firmness rating, this will provide enough support for plus-sized sleepers and those who sleep on their stomach 

Buy the Purple if...

✅   You’re a side sleeper: this medium-firm mattress provides the soft, cushioning feel and pressure relief that side sleepers need.  

✅  You're a lighter build: If you weigh below 130lbs, you may find the DreamCLoud much too firm. The Purple’s medium-firm rating and plush, lighter-than-air feel, meanwhile, should be just right.  

✅  You’re a restless sleeper: The Purple mattress has  excellent motion isolation, which means you won't feel any movement from anyone you share a bed with. 

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