This early Black Friday sale takes 25% off our favorite hybrid mattress

DreamCloud deals
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Good news if you missed DreamCloud's epic mattress sale earlier this month. The manufacturer is offering the same discount one more time in the lead up to this year's Black Friday mattress deals.

For a limited time, DreamCloud is taking 25% off sitewide (opens in new tab). After today's 25% discount, you can get the DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress for $599 (twin) (opens in new tab) or $899 (queen) (opens in new tab). Even better, all mattresses include a free memory foam pillow, mattress protector, and bed sheets. By comparison, Amazon has the same queen mattress for $999 (opens in new tab) and it doesn't include the freebies. (Make sure to check out our guide to the best DreamCloud promo codes for more ways to save).

DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress: $799 (opens in new tab)

DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress: $799 $599 @ DreamCloud (opens in new tab)
Free $499 bedding set! The 14-inch DreamCloud mattress is one of the tallest we've reviewed. It features five layers that offer firm, responsive support as well as soft cushioning. In our DreamCloud mattress review, we said it's a great bed for just about anyone, but it especially shines for those suffering from hip or lower back pain. As part of its flash sale — you can get the DreamCloud Hybrid mattress twin for $599 (was $799) or the queen for $899 (was $1,199). The mattress comes with free shipping, free returns, and a 365-night home trial. Plus, you get a free mattress protector, sheet set, and pillows.

DreamCloud Foundation: $399 (opens in new tab)

DreamCloud Foundation: $399 $299 @ DreamCloud (opens in new tab)
As part of its sitewide sale, DreamCloud is also taking 25% off bases and foundations. The DreamCloud Foundation is an inexpensive way to support your mattress. It's easy  to set up, clean, and durable. After discount, the twin is $299 (was $399) and the queen is $322 (was $429). 

DreamCloud Duvet: $179 (opens in new tab)

DreamCloud Duvet: $179 $134 @ DreamCloud (opens in new tab)
The DreamCloud Duvet is super-soft and made of breathable cotton for warmth in winter and cool sleeping in the summer. We've been using it for over a year love how it seals in warm air during the winter, yet is fully breathable during the hot summer months. The twin is on sale for $112 (was $149), whereas the queen is $134 (was $179). 

DreamCloud Weighted Blanket: $149 (opens in new tab)

DreamCloud Weighted Blanket: $149 $112 @ DreamCloud (opens in new tab)
The DreamCloud Weighted Blanket offers either 15, 20, or 25 pounds of weight creating the perfect night's sleep for anyone who has trouble falling asleep. It features a glass bead filling that evenly distributes weight across your body. Plus, it has a removable cover with antimicrobial protection.

The DreamCloud Hybrid is one of the best mattresses for restless sleepers. It also holds a top spot in our best hybrid mattress guide. It's designed to offer constant pressure relief around your back, neck, and hips, and it regulates temperature so that you don’t overheat during sleep. 

Combined with a layer of breathable foam, the mattress dissipates body heat so that it doesn't pool in the mattress. It isn't a proper cooling mattress, but if you want a comfy, supportive and breathable hybrid for less than comparable models, it’s an excellent choice. 

Like its sister brand Nectar Sleep, DreamCloud offers a 365-night trial and Forever Warranty. The average warranty is 10 years, so you won’t get any better than this. The brand also offers free shipping and a clear returns policy — if you change your mind during the trial period, DreamCloud will collect the mattress for free (some mattress in a box brands charge for this) and refund your money. 

We also like this bed because it includes a great sleep bundle. Every mattress purchases comes with two of the brand's best pillows (the twin size only includes one pillow), bed sheets, and a quality mattress protector to keep your bed fresher for longer. 

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