14 Windows 8 Tips & Tricks

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John Corpuz

John Corpuz flip-flopped between computer science and creative writing courses in school. As a contributor to Tom's Guide he's found a happy middle ground writing about apps, mobile gaming and other geekery.

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  • cjmcgee
    Everyone hates slideshows. Your terrible slideshow interface only makes it worse...
  • nordlead
    why can't this just be an article with thumbnails we can click on? Then I could read everything faster and click the image if interested.
  • computerfarmer
    Your article reminds me of Windows 8. Having to get to the next page by going to the top instead of the bottom to continue reading. Now that's out of the way.
    All of the information is good to know. Most of us purchase a system with Windows 8 already installed on it. Boot up and try and install a program we want to use. After a few hiccups it is installed. Then we try and find where to click on to open the program because there is no clear direction where to go. By now we find out you need to go to a different screen. Then we want to get back to the original screen and go there another learning curve. I personally used windows 8 for 2 month and was happy to go back to windows 7. Not sure what going to windows 8 helps with?
  • paulmacey
    The All Apps screen has so many icons on it (after I installed my basic set of programs) that it's hard to find anything.
  • ZakTheEvil
    #1 Windows 8 Tip: Stick to Windows 7!
  • Pherule
    Installed Classic Shell. Disabled and hid Metro. This automatically makes 90% of these "tips and tricks" worthless.

    The only thing I miss is the new right-click menu near the start menu. But I don't miss it that much because I have most (all?) of those functions elsewhere.
  • slomo4sho
    There should only be 1 tip: Find a different OS or revert back to 7.
  • silverblue
    The main issue I have with Windows 8 is that when you attempt to move the mouse cursor from the left monitor to the right, if you're too close to the corners on the left screen then you get the charms bar appearing. You can disable the charms bar on the right monitor, but I think I'd prefer to disable it on the left one. I'm sure this can be tweaked, though.

    There is one other issue - if you wish to open a piece of software via the "Metro" interface twice, you need to open the second copy as a new window. I don't think this is an issue if you religiously stick to desktop mode.
  • mahidoes
    Windows 8 is easy than sliding this pages.
  • bigsten
    Your Windows 8 Apps have stopped working. They crash and close just after they have loaded.
  • bigsten
    Both your Windows 8 Apps have stopped working. They crash and close just after they have loaded. Shame as they are very good.
    So much hate for W8, just because you use it in a slightly different way. I guess dinosaur's don't like change.
  • tjcinnamon
    These slide shows are unintuitive and inconvenient just like the GUI for Windows 8
  • yos
    here are some more
  • yos
    here are some more windows 8 tips and trick www.windows8web.com/windows8-tips-tricks
  • jamesj350
    I have been using home computers since the very early 80's.
    I can't see why the haters post these comments against Windows 8, It makes me think you all can't move forward. Too bad, it is a great O.S., just takes a bit of time to get used to. I use Linux distributions as well as the Microsoft programs. What I don't use is Mac. But I would suggest that you complainers switch to Mac. They will take care of you and you won't have to think at all.
  • tslynge
    Substituting /t with /r doesn't help for restarting. The description is wrong, at least in the danish Win8. To make the shortcut work with regards to restarting the PC, you'd have to use: "shutdown /r /t 0" (omitting the quotes)
  • Kirsch
    Win8 is a great OS. Takes less than an afternoon to getting used to. Could it be better? Yes, and it probably will be.