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Nintendo's Toy-Cons Will Change the Way You Game

Nintendo's newest Switch accessories are made of cardboard. The new experiment in peripherals, called Nintendo Labo, has players pop out and build cardboard toys, which integrate with the console or the Joy-Con controllers. The kits will release on April 20, comprising two different sets of "Toy-Cons."

Credit: Nintendo

(Image credit: Nintendo)

The first, the $70 Variety Kit, includes a piano, robots, a fishing rod, a house and more. The other one, the $80 Robot Kit, includes a bunch of gear, which lets you pretend to control a massive mecha in a game. An additional customization set with stencil sheets and stickers will run for $9.99

The company showed off Labo in a trailer this afternoon, which it had teased as being aimed at kids, as well as those are who "kids at heart." The trailer doesn't show any adults, and features only kids playing with, building and decorating their Toy-Cons.

Labo represents a departure for Nintendo, which has focused only on its video game systems in recent years. While this accessory uses the Nintendo Switch, it straddles the line between DIY hobby kit and video game. The piano looks like a complicated set to build, but there's no word on whether there will be even more difficult models in the future.

This new cardboard accessory could be an adorable experience, which might also broaden the Switch's user base even further. We'll see just how much fun Labo is for the children in us all when we get a chance to go hands-on with it.

Gamers have had a mixed reaction to Labo, with parents and some players seeing endless potential for new accessories and titles. But others are scratching their heads at the price of the cardboard accessories and wonder just how long they'll last and how much they will actually do.

Additionally, the trailer showed a few models that don't appear to be for sale just yet, like a steering wheel and a shotgun. It's unclear if these are coming in the future or if they'll ever be available at all.