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We Rode Google’s CES Rollercoaster and Filmed the Whole Thing

Google is all over CES 2019. The company has branded the Las Vegas Monorail, painted its banner above the Las Vegas Convention Center, and has one of the largest booths of the entire show. 

But none of that compares to what Google has in store for eager gadget-lovers when they set foot inside its two-story showcase mansion: Google Assistant The Ride.

Imagine if Pixar animated a day in the life of a family and their many Google Assistant-enabled devices, then built the entire film as a Willy Wonka-esque roller coaster for kids. That’s the Ride.

We could describe the coaster in its entirety, but it’s way more fun to watch how the coaster dips in and out of the experience, dropping helpful little Google Assistant tips and tricks along the way, including new features like live voice translation that just launched today. Watch the entire ride above.