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This $1,119 PS5 bundle could be the worst Black Friday deal of the year

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With Black Friday deals in full swing many retailers are currently offering fantastic discounts and offers, we’ve also seen a resurgence in PS5 restock events over the past few weeks, but this “deal” from QVC is most definitely one to avoid. 

The retailer is currently offering a PS5 bundle for a whopping $1,119 (opens in new tab)(plus $22 shipping and handling!). Considering the console’s standard retail price is $499, you would naturally assume QVC is packaging together some pretty desirable items alongside the console to justify such a high price. You’d be very wrong. 

This PS5 bundle contains the disc edition of the console, a copy of The Division 2 and Destiny 2, an unbranded backpack (presumably big enough to fit the console), and some form of a gift voucher. The value of this voucher or where it can actually be redeemed isn’t mentioned on the product listing page.  

QVC PS5 bundle listing page

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It should also be noted that The Division 2 and Destiny 2 are PS4 games. While the latter does have a native next-gen version which is available as a free download, The Division 2 is very much a last-gen title. For $1,119 you’d think you’d at least get a couple of the best PS5 games such as Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart or Returnal

This isn’t the only bundle that QVC is offering, but the others aren’t much better. The cheapest PS5 bundle costs $999 (opens in new tab) and comes with a digital edition of the console ($399 retail price) a pair of non-descript vouchers and a no-name-brand headset and charging dock. It’s fair to say these packages won’t be making our Black Friday PS5 deals roundup. 

We have seen retailers offer questionable bundles in the past, but these offerings from QVC are among the worst PS5 restock "deals" we’ve ever seen. Considering that demand for the PS5 has shot up even further in recent weeks as we approach the holidays, these bundles are clearly trying to take advantage of shoppers desperate to get a console by any means necessary. 

Without knowing the value or usefulness of the included voucher it’s hard to put an accurate retail price on the bundle, but some very crude calculations would put the value at barely $599. 

At least most retailers aren’t resorting to these questionable tactics and are instead selling the console at standard retail price when possible. Bookmark our PS5 restock guide and we’ll alert you the next time there’s stock available at a major retailer so you can avoid resorting to paying over the odds for a rip-off bundle.

PS5 restock tracker — stores to check

Bundles don’t have to be bad

While we’re on the subject of PS5 bundles, it’s important to note that just because a retailer bundles the PS5 with other items, doesn’t necessarily mean they are attempting to scalp you.

Retailers like GameStop, Antonline, and Costco are all fond of offering bundles during PS5 restock events, but the key difference here is that these retailers don’t exploit the PS5 shortage the same way that some resellers and smaller retailers do.

There is actually an often ignored benefit to retailers putting PS5 stock in bundles as well. Resellers are less inclined to buy bundles as they don’t want to be saddled with additional extras like a second DualSense controller or a stack of games that will eat into their profit margins. Bundles are typically easier to buy than the console standalone.

So, in summary, bundles can definitely be worth your time, and we’ve seen plenty of bundles we’d recommend purchasing, just make sure you’re not getting conned by sinister resellers looking to make a quick buck.

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