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Super Bowl 2020 live stream and final score: Watch for free without cable

get your super bowl live stream before the first snap
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We're deep into the 4th, so get your Super Bowl live stream working already. And right now, as the Chiefs struggle to put points on the board and come from behind again, there's no time to waste.

One detail to know about watching the big game online is that streaming the game over one of the many apps may mean your feed is delayed by as much as a minute. So, maybe wait to open social media to avoid spoilers for the next play.

The first half turned out to be as tight as anticipated, with strong defense and sparse TD opportunities led to a relatively low amount of points on the board. And then the second half happened and my joke about picking the under has been erased.

Picking a winner may be hard, but watching the game shouldn't be, especially as Roku isn't losing Fox apps after all (more detail below). Of course, corporate nonsense is not what we're here for: here's everything you need to get a Super Bowl live stream, to see how it all ends. 

Super Bowl schedule, channel

  • Super Bowl schedule: Halftime show over, the second half starts at approximately 8:33. Game should be over at around 10 p.m. if there's no overtime. 
  • Super Bowl TV channel: Fox (U.S.), BBC One/Sky Sports (U.K.), CTV/TSN (Canada)
  • Super Bowl venue: Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.
  • Super Bowl results: The Kansas City Chiefs won, 31 to 20. 

How to get a Super Bowl live stream anywhere on earth

No matter where you are, you can watch the Super Bowl live stream around the world, from the service you're already using, so don't worry about your current location hindering your fun. With a virtual private network, aka VPN, you can connect to your desired streaming service through a U.S. server, which will let you access the game as if you were at home.

We’ve evaluated many VPN services, and our top pick is ExpressVPN. It meets the VPN needs of the vast majority of users, offering outstanding compatibility with most devices and impressive connection speeds. 

ExpressVPN: Express VPN can access more than 3,000 servers spread out across 160 locations in 94 countries. Expect reliable performance and responsive customer support should you run into trouble. There's a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is more than enough time to consume all the Super Bowl LIV action and replays.View Deal

Super Bowl 2020 updates: Scoring plays and more

Big events in the game are listed in reverse-chronological order below:

  • A major run from KC's Damien Williams (#26) gets to the endzone. Add that extra point, and it's 20-31, KC. And that's practically game.
  • The ruling on the field stands. Extra point kick goes up, 20-24, KC.
  • Damien Williams catches a pass from Mahomes, runs it into endzone (BARELY), and the ref at the corner calls it a touchdown. The play will be re-examined. Graphics now have the TD counted, 20-23, KC.
  • Mahomes is on fire, and back in SF territory, he runs to the 5, and it's 2nd down.
  • Mahomes to Kelce for a touchdown! 20-17 SF after the extra point.
  • Kelce didn't catch a Mahomes throw to the end zone, but a flag on the 3rd down play was a penalty against the defense. Automatic first down, ball on the 1 yard line!
  • Mahomes, under pressure as the Chiefs are down by their own point total, hit Hill on the button with a throw, a 44-yard play.
  • The Chiefs had an OK drive, but a Tarvarius Moore interception puts the 49ers in position to increase the scoreboard gap between the teams. 
  • Raheem Mostert (#31) runs in a touchdown to put the 49ers up 20-10 after the free point kick.
  • And then Warner (54) intercepted, 49ers ball.
  • A loss of 7 yards sounds bad, but Mahomes recovered a dropped ball and helped save the game from going pear-shaped for the 49ers.
  • After a lot of nothing, 43-yard field goal from Robbie Gould (SF), puts the 49ers up 13–10.
  • Score is 10-10 at the half.
  • The first half ended without the 49ers able to score, even though they had some momentum going down the field. Kittle pushed off the defense, negating the yardage he seemingly gained. 
  • SF's Kyle Juszczyk (44) runs the ball into the endzone, followed by an extra point, and we're tied at 10-10.
  • Field goal from Dustin Colquitt brings the game to 3-10, Kansas City.
  • The 49ers defense stopped KC from scoring a TD at close proximity.
  • Breeland with a big interception for Kansas City, the first TO of the game.
  • Patrick Mahomes ran the ball in that last yard, putting the Chiefs up 3-6. The extra point kick is good: 3-7 Kansas City.
  • 38-yard field goal from Robbie Gould (SF), puts the 49ers up 3–0.
  • Deebo Samuel and Tevin Coleman are running the ball well, and put the 49ers within kicking distance — before an offsides penalty to the Chiefs' Frank Clark brought SF to 3rd and 5 — but an incomplete pass brings them to 4th down.
  • Kansas City started the game without a first down, turning over the ball at 4th and 3. James Jr. (13) almost botched the punt reception.

How to get a free Super Bowl live stream

Want to avoid paying? The Super Bowl live stream is free on Fox's own apps, as well as the NFL app. And, yes, that includes the Fox Roku channel — as crisis was averted as the mega-companies settled their dispute.

Android apps: Fox Now, Fox Sports, NFL app

iPhone and iPad apps: Fox Now, Fox Sports, NFL app

Amazon Fire: Fox Now, Fox Sports, NFL app

One thing, though, the Fox apps don't enable you to watch the Super Bowl in 4K, so you'll need to get Fubo or a 4K-ready cable/satellite box for that. 

Alternatively, you can use an antenna to directly grab the game from the airwaves, for free. You'll get especially high video quality if you use one of our best TV antenna picks. That way you can get a Super Bowl live stream by pulling it out of thin air.

There's also Locast, a free streaming service that's also a not-for-profit, delivering broadcast television stations over the internet.

How to live stream Super Bowl 2020 without cable

Since the big game is on Fox, you can get a Super Bowl live stream from a number of paid services, each with its own perks.

Alternatively, multiple live TV steaming services include Fox, and provide more features, including cloud DVR for storing the game Streaming services similarly offer compelling visuals. And in some cases, they're surprisingly affordable. 

Here's a look at the services you can sign up with get a Super Bowl live stream:

FuboTV starts with a 7-day free trial, and it's $55 per month thereafter. You'll want to pick Fubo to watch the Super Bowl in 4K, as neither Sling nor Hulu will offer the game in UHD resolution.

The Sling Blue package starts at $20 for the first month of service ($30 per month for subsequent months) and includes select Fox affiliates. Check here to make sure Sling includes your local Fox network so you can use it to see Super Bowl LIV.

Hulu with Live TV: Not only is there a 7-day free trial, but you get more than just Fox with Hulu's $55 per month live TV streaming option. It's got a cloud-based DVR and Hulu's beloved original shows.

AT&T TV Now: 7-day free trial, and $65 per month afterwards, and while it's pricey, that rate also includes HBO.

Super Bowl live streams in the UK: Watch for free

BBC One and Sky Sports both carry Super Bowl 2020 for those in the United Kingdom, and the game starts at 11:30 p.m. GMT for those audiences, with the broadcast itself starting 5 minutes earlier.  The game will be called by Mark Chapman, Jason Bell and Osi Umenyiora.

That means you can watch a Super Bowl live stream via the BBC iPlayer, and its apps, as well as the Sky Go app. 

How to live stream Super Bowl 2020 in Canada:

Repeating from 2019, CTV/TSN is the official Canadian broadcast for Super Bowl 2020 live streams. That means you'll stream it on the go with the CTV Go app. Super Bowl LIV is also on DAZN (Da Zone), which has a 30-day money back option.

Free Super Bowl live streams in Australia

The free-to-air Channel 7 network is the place for NFL fans down under, who will be watching Super Bowl LIV on Monday morning. Yes, because time zones are tricky, the game starts at 9:30 a.m. AEST on Monday, Feb. 3. 

Super Bowl 2020 halftime show: Who's performing?

After years of mediocrity (the less said about Maroon 5, the better), the Super Bowl 2020 halftime show looks good. Yes, when the 49ers and Chiefs briefly surrender the Super Bowl 2020 stage, we're getting two tried and true entertainers: Shakira and Jennifer Lopez

The pair of latin American pop sensations are a great choice to match Super Bowl 2020's host city: Miami, FL. While Jay-Z's decision to partner his Roc Nation brand with the NFL was widely derided because of the league's treatment of Colin Kaepernick, audiences will benefit from this partnership, as this is the first Super Bowl halftime show since the mogul's agency partnered with the NFL to "lead the league’s endeavors in music and entertainment."

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