How to watch Muppets Now online: Here's when it hits Disney Plus

How to watch Muppets Now on Disney Plus
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Muppets Now on Disney Plus: release date, cast

Release date: July 31 (airs weekly on Fridays)
Cast: Dave Goelz, Matt Vogel, Bill Barretta, David Rudman, Eric Jacobson, Peter Linz Jones, Jonathan Groff
Age rating: TBD
Episodes: 6 (half hour)

Miss Piggy is preparing for the spotlight again because it's almost time to watch Muppets Now on Disney Plus. The new comedy series is a Disney Plus original made by the Muppets Studio, featuring all your favorite characters including Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Animal, Beaker, the Swedish Chef and more.

Muppets Now is described as the first "unscripted" Muppets show. The premise is that the Muppets are making a digital series of unscripted sketches and Scooter is the harried producer responsible for editing and uploading the videos to the internet. Scooter is on a tight deadline, but the other Muppets' constant interruptions and questions don't help.

Basically, it's the Muppets you know and love for the YouTube era. The sketch segments include a self-improvement talk show "Lifesty With Miss Piggy" (though she insists it's Lifestyle), a cooking competition show with The Swedish chef and "Pepé’s Unbelievable Game Show,” hosted by Pepé the King Prawn.

In addition to the Muppets, there are celebrity cameos from RuPaul, Aubrey Plaza, Seth Rogen, Linda Cardellini, Taye Diggs and others. 

Here's everything you need to know about how to watch Muppets Now on Disney Plus. 

How to watch the Muppets Now show in the US, Canada and the UK

The Hamilton movie will be released exclusively on Disney Plus this Friday, July 31.

Disney Plus is available in the US, Canada, UK and western Europe. 

Disney Plus

Disney Plus offers a very affordable $6.99 standalone package — which gives you the whole Disney vault of classics like Frozen, The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast as well as newer hits like The Mandalorian and Disney Family Singalong. There's also a $12.99 bundle that includes Hulu and ESPN Plus, which could be used as a cable TV alternative.

Muppets Now reviews

Muppets Now reviews are generally positive, particularly in comparison to the ABC's dud of a show, 2016's The Muppets. Here's a roundup of what the critics are saying:

Hollywood Reporter: "... Muppets Now has a healthy number of laughs, reasonable all-ages appeal and a handful of memorable moments through the four half-hour episodes sent to critics. Still, Muppets Now feels like it's using maybe a tenth of the brand's potential, failing to capitalize on what ought to be TV's deepest ensemble of scene-stealers."

Vulture: "... in this beyond-stressful world, who doesn’t need some Muppets in their life? I more than happily immersed myself in the first four episodes of the season’s six, which roll out one per week starting this Friday, and their recognizable mix of silly-meets-meta humor that has always defined the best Muppet comedy."

Rolling Stone: "Overall, though, the sketches are pretty good. The larger problem is that there are usually just two Muppets in any sketch, and almost always in the same combination. In addition, Muppets Now barely has any backstage component to speak of."

AV Club: "[Muppets Now is] Disney’s best effort to date at bringing Henson’s most famous creations back to TV. It’s not the entirety of what makes the Muppets work (and some of those other qualities are, fortunately, on display here, too), but it’s a good starting point."

Muppets Now on Disney Plus trailer

The Muppets Now trailer starts with Kermit explaining to Joe from Legal that they're "creating an incredible new show for Disney Plus." Joe from Legal doesn't look impressed. The rest of the trailer shows snippets of the sketches the Muppets are making. And Kermit teases the introduction of "new friends," but Joe from Legal cuts him off. Come on, Joe!

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