How to turn off PS5

How to turn off PS5 — PS5 console
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Everyone knows how to turn off PS5, right? You'd think so, but Sony hasn’t made it quite as simple as you’d expect — especially if you’ve come from a PS3 or PS4, which have a subtly different way of turning off the console.

Below, you’ll find instructions for how to turn off your PS5 both via the DualSense pad, and by physically using the buttons on the console itself. Just be aware that there are two states of "off" for the PS5: fully shut down, and rest mode. 

While the former ends all activity, the latter means that the console can continue to download patches, remotely install games and charge attached controllers. It’ll continue to draw a little power (0.5w, according to Sony), so you may prefer to turn it off entirely. 

Whichever method you choose to use, here’s how to turn off your PS5. 

 How to turn off PS5 via the pad 

1. Press the PS button on your pad 

how to turn off ps5 — PS button

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Press the embossed PlayStation logo in-between the two thumb sticks. Unlike the PS3 and PS4, this is a single tap, rather than a press and hold, which confusingly won’t do anything. 

2. Find the power icon 

how to turn off ps5 — power icon

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You’ll be presented with two rows of icons. The larger top row contains contextually relevant activities (trophies you need for the game you’re playing, say), while the bottom row contains navigation options.

Press down on the pad to move to the bottom row, and then scroll all the way to the right to the power icon. Press it.

3. Press “Turn Off PS5” or “Enter Rest Mode”

how to turn off ps5 — turn off or rest mode

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Pressing the button will offer you three choices: Enter Rest Mode, Turn Off PS5 or Restart PS5. If you want the system to charge your controllers or download updates, then choose Rest Mode. If you want to save electricity, then turn off the console fully. 

How to turn off PS5 on the console itself 

If you’re sitting close to your PlayStation 5, you can cut this down to a single step. 

1. Press and hold the power button 

how to turn off ps5 — hold power button

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On the black bar in the middle of the console, there are two buttons — or one if you have the Digital Edition. You’re looking for the power button: on the disk version, it’s on the left if your console is horizontal, or at the bottom if you’re got it set up vertically. 

Press and hold the button for one beep and your PS5 will go into rest mode. Wait for the second beep and it’ll completely shut down.

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