What makes a good Windows VPN?

What makes a good Windows VPN?
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There are many benefits to using a Windows 10 VPN, from advanced privacy and anonymity to site unblocking and the ability to access streaming sites from anywhere in the world. VPN technology was developed by a Microsoft employee way back in the late 1990s, so it’s not surprising that Windows is the ideal environment to run any one of the best VPN services. 

Because VPN technology is so compatible with Windows devices, if you’re a PC user, you shouldn’t have to settle for anything but the best. With so many features and functions available, your best bet is to opt for a good all-rounder. However, there are so many providers out there now, how can you tell which one is worth investing in?

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Privacy and anonymity

Windows machines are notoriously vulnerable to viruses and other malware, but you can usually protect your device by installing the best antivirus software. What you can’t protect against using this kind of software is cybercriminals hijacking your browsing session and intercepting your data.

With a VPN, you can fix that vulnerability. By encrypting your internet traffic, a good VPN will enable you to browse safely, even on public Wi-Fi connections. To find the most secure VPN provider, look out for services that boast advanced security features like a minimum of AES-256 encryption, RAM-only servers, a kill switch and more.

Streaming power

It’s fair to say that most people with a computer probably use streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime – or YouTube, at the least. They have become increasingly popular in recent years, and in many countries they are outperforming traditional television stations.

That’s why one of the most popular VPN uses is to use it as a streaming VPN. Whether you want to use your Windows device to access streamed content from abroad, or log in to streaming services usually only accessible from home while traveling, a good VPN will enable you to do so.

What makes a good Windows VPN?

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A large number of servers

There are a number of factors that you can look out for to determine the quality of a VPN. One of them is the number of servers they operate.

In layman's terms, the more VPN servers your VPN provider offers, the more locations you can connect to. This makes it quicker and easier to make a stable connection.

Another aspect is distribution. If servers are distributed in many countries, you have more options to mask your location and more places to access geo-specific content.

Great speeds

Speed is a crucial factor when it comes to deciding on what VPN to use on Windows machines. A VPN essentially provides a tunnel that you can use to divert your internet traffic; what you don’t want is for this tunnel to create gridlock.

A fast VPN should work at speeds equal, or at least very close to, those you would be experiencing before you turn it on. Do your research and find out how confident your provider is at maintaining these speeds, and only go with a VPN service that offers proven results.

Torrenting performance

Lots of users make the most of torrenting to share files P2P, be they audio, video, or any other file format. The trouble is, P2P file sharing can be a dangerous pursuit, as you never know who is at the other end of your internet connection.

When you torrent, you leave your Windows device open to attackers, as anyone can intercept your traffic and infiltrate your internet activity. A good torrenting VPN gives you the security you need to prevent this from happening and enables you to operate with anonymity.

However, as with all of the features we mentioned earlier, some VPN providers are better for torrenting than others, so do your research first.

Which VPN do we recommend for Windows?


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