Saatva Classic vs Latex Hybrid vs Loom & Leaf

Saatva Classic vs Latex Hybrid vs Loom & Leaf mattress
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If you're wondering which Saatva mattress is best, we're here to help. In this Saatva Classic vs Latex Hybrid vs Loom & Leaf mattress article, we're going to be comparing this bed brand's three current bestsellers, to help you find the best fit for your needs and sleep style. We rate Saatva amongst the very top mattress brands in the US, and it makes a range of handcrafted mattresses, all of which offer something slightly different in terms of materials and target market. Its flagship is the Classic – we think this luxury hybrid innerspring is the best mattress overall right now, and you can read exactly why in our Saatva Classic mattress review. However, it might not be the right pick for everyone. 

The second most popular option at time of writing is the Saatva Latex Hybrid, made with eco-friendly materials including organic latex, alongside a coil layer. Finally, there's the Loom & Leaf, the more advanced of two memory foam models from Saatva. You can read about that one in our Loom & Leaf review

Alongside the three models we're comparing here, Saatva makes the Saatva HD (a mattress for heavier bodies), a cheaper hybrid which you can read about in our Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid review, the customizable Solaire, and two mattresses designed for children of different ages. Our best Saatva mattress guide outlines the range in more detail.

In this article, we'll run down the differences between the Classic vs Latex Hybrid vs Loom & Leaf, to help you pick the best Saatva mattress for your sleep style, needs and budget. We'll also give you an overview of the extras you're getting with this brand in terms of warranty, trial period and delivery. 

Saatva Classic vs Latex Hybrid vs Loom & Leaf at a glance

Saatva Classic specs

  • Key materials: Pillow top, coils, memory foam
  • MSRP: $912-$2,170
  • Firmness: Plush soft (3), Luxury firm (5-7), Firm (8)
  • Depth: 11.5" or 14.5"
  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, Cal King, Split Cal King (11.5" only)
  • Weight – queen size: 110lb (11.5" option), 120lb (14.5" option)

Saatva Latex Hybrid specs

  • Key materials: Wool, latex, coils
  • MSRP: $1,224-$2,424
  • Firmness: 5-7
  • Depth: 12"
  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, Cal King
  • Weight – queen size: 120lb

Loom & Leaf specs

  • Key materials: memory foams, regular foam
  • MSRP: $1,074-$2,876
  • Firmness: Relaxed firm (5-7), Firm (8)
  • Depth: 12"
  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, Cal King, Split Cal King
  • Weight – queen size: 93lb

The flagship hybrid innerspring Saatva Classic mattress is the cheapest of the three mattresses, and comes in three different firmness options (soft, luxury firm and firm) and two depths (11.5 or 14.5 inches). There's no memory foam here, but a pillow top and plenty of springs a sleep feel that's bouncy, cushioned and cool. We think it's a versatile all-rounder that'll suit most people, and the other customer reviews back that up. The only real complaints centering around the bed being either softer or firmer than expected, so make sure you consider which firmness will suit you best.

The Saatva Latex Hybrid is designed to be a more eco-friendly mattress option, using non-toxic, natural and sustainable materials (we rate it amongst the best organic mattresses around. This one will contour a little to your body, like memory foam, but doesn't trap body heat like memory foam can. It also includes a spring layer for a little bounce. 

Finally, the Loom & Leaf is Saatva's premium memory foam option, available in two firmness options. There are no springs here, and like all the best memory foam mattresses, it's designed to contour to your body while you sleep. Customers found it slept on the firm side, but after an initial breaking in period, almost all found it supremely comfortable.

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All of Saatva's mattresses are handcrafted in the US, and we'd consider them upper-mid range in price. At MSRP, the queen size Classic is $1,770, the queen Latex is $2,024, and the queen Loom & Leaf is $2,174. However, there are regular Saatva sales and deals that mean you probably won't need to pay those prices. (If the discounted prices are still too expensive, you'll find plenty of bargain options in our best cheap mattress guide, or consult our general mattress sales roundup.)

All three come with free white glove delivery to your room of choice. You have a 365-night trial period to make sure your mattress suits you – returns will incur a $99 processing fee – and a lifetime warranty. 

View the Classic mattress at Saatva

View the Classic mattress at Saatva
The Classic is a luxury innerspring mattress that's available in three different firmness options and two heights, to suit different sleepers. This mattress features plenty of springs for bounce, as well as a plush pillow top for comfort. It's Saatva's bestseller, and our #1 mattress pick. At MSRP, prices start at £912 for a twin. 


View Latex Hybrid at Saatva
The Latex Hybrid is an organic mattress made with natural materials, including latex, wool and cotton. It's designed to give a weightless feel and won't trap heat like memory foams sometimes can, and there's a spring layer for a little bit of bounce, too. At MSRP, prices start from $1,224 for the twin size. 

View Loom & Leaf mattress at Saatva

View Loom & Leaf mattress at Saatva
The Loom & Leaf is a luxurious memory foam mattress. It sleeps on the firm side and can take a few weeks to break in, but once you've done that it's dreamily comfortable and can be a great option for easing back pain. The foam is gel-infused to help with temperature regulation. At MSRP, prices start at $1,074 for the twin.

Which Saatva mattress is best? Prices and deals

  • Classic is cheapest at MSRP, and usually cheapest with deals too
  • Sales happen regularly, usually with discounts on list price

At MSRP, the most affordable option at all sizes is the Saatva Classic. With the other two, it depends which size you want – the Latex Hybrid is cheaper at larger sizes, while the Loom & Leaf is cheaper at smaller sizes.

There are plenty of mattress sales and deals throughout the year though, which means you probably won't have to pay MSRP. Our Saata mattress sales page goes through things in more detail, but essentially you can expect discounts especially around national holidays (the Black Friday mattress sales are a big deal, in particular).

That said, even with deals, the Classic will likely always be the cheapest choice of these three particular models. Note, too, that changing the firmness level or the mattress depth doesn't affect price. Here's a quick comparison of three key sizes, at MSRP:

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Header Cell - Column 0 TwinFullQueenKing
Loom & Leaf$1,074$2,074$2,174$2,474

The widgets below will display the best prices in your territory right now.

Which Saatva mattress is best? Build and materials

The three mattresses have very different designs. The Classic has a 3" pillow top, followed by a thin layer of high-density memory foam, followed by a layer of pocketed coils surrounded by high-density foam rails (for edge support). The base unit is made from tempered steel coils. This mattress is available as an 11.5" version and a 14.5" version, and the only difference between the two is that the deeper one has slightly taller springs. Saatva says this won't affect the sleep feel at all; the choice is purely aesthetic.  

Moving on to the Latex Hybrid. Here, you have a cushioned top, which sits on a layer of GOTS-certified, organic New Zealand wool. Next follows the star of the show: a 3" layer of latex, which is zoned to add extra support around the lumbar (there's no indication as to whether this is Dunlop or Talalay latex, but it is described as natural). After that is a pocketed coil layer. A cotton and wool base adds stability at the bottom. Latex is generally one of the most durable mattress materials – our latex mattress explainer will give you some idea of what to expect here.

Finally, the Loom & Leaf. This one starts with a quilted cover, but after that, it's all foams. At the top you'll find a 2" gel-infused memory foam layer (there's an extra layer of this under the lumbar to provide extra support in this area specifically), followed bu a 2.5" memory foam core, a 2" traditional foam layer (this is the bit that determines how firm the mattress is), and finally a durable foam base

Exploded diagrams of the Saatva Classic, Latex Hybrid and Loom & Leaf mattresses

L-R: the Saatva Classic, Latex Hybrid and Loom & Leaf mattresses (Image credit: Saatva)

Which Saatva mattress is best? Performance

  • Classic is bouncy, sleeps cool, options from soft to firm
  • Latex Hybrid has a weightless feel and sleeps cool
  • Loom & Leaf moulds to your body and may sleep slightly warm

The most important thing is how these mattresses perform in practice. In this section, we take a look at what each one is like to sleep on, focusing on key elements such as support, comfort and cooling powers.

Firmness rating

Confusing matters slightly on the firmness front is the fact that two of these mattresses are available in different firmness options. 

The Classic is available in three options: Plush soft (3), Luxury firm (5-7), Firm (8). The Loom & Leaf can be Relaxed firm (5-7), or Firm (8). The Latex is available in just one firmness option, and we're in the process of finding out what that is.

That means if you want a really soft mattress, you'll need to go for the Classic. If you're happy with mid-level softness or a Firm mattress, it's the Classic or Loom & Leaf. 

Bounce vs hug

The sensation of lying on each mattress will be different as a result of the differing designs. The Classic has two layers of springs, which means this is likely to be the bounciest of the bunch. The Latex offers one, thinner layer of springs (so some bounce) while the Loom & Leaf has no springs at all (no bounce). 

What the Loom & Leaf offers is a classic memory foam feel – it's designed to mould to the sleeper's form for that sink-in, body-hugging feel. The Classic also has a bit of memory foam, but a lot less than the Loom & Leaf. Here, there's one thin layer of high-density memory foam that sits beneath the 3-inch pillow top and above the first coil layer. It's designed not so much to hug the body as to offer pressure-point relief. 

The Latex Hybrid doesn't have any memory foam in it at all. This offers a different sleep surface again, promising a weightless feel that's good for pressure point relief. 

Cooling capabilities

On the temperature-regulation front, the Classic has the benefit of no memory foam (which can trap heat) and lots of springs (which allow for airflow through the mattress, to boost breathability). All of that means, we suspect, that this will be the best option if you want to ensure a cool sleep. 

However, Saatva has gone to great lengths to ensure none of its mattresses get uncomfortably warm overnight. To that end, the Loom & Leaf has added a wool layer between the cover and latex – this provides a breathable barrier between cover and latex layer, designed to allow some airflow as well as wicking away moisture. The latex itself has pinholes throughout to allow some airflow through that too. 

The Loom & Leaf uses gel-infused memory foam in its upper layers, for a cooler sleep feel, and there are perforations to encourage air to move through the foam too. All three have a top layer of cotton, which is a naturally breathable fabric. 

Edge support

In terms of edge support, both Classic and Loom & Leaf offer this via a high-density foam perimeter, while the Latex uses pocketed coils around the edge of the mattress. We'll update this guide with how well the latter works in practice once our Loom & leaf testing is complete. 

Which Saatva mattress is best? Customer ratings

These mattresses are only sold online through Saatva direct, but there are plenty of on-site reviews that give us an overview as to how people are getting on with the different models. Here's an overview at time of writing:

  • Classic: 4.8 / 5 average, from ~2,900 reviews
  • Latex Hybrid: 4.8 / 5 average, from 65 reviews
  • Loom & Leaf: 4.9 / 5 average, from 588 reviews 

Across the board, people are consistently impressed with build quality and craftmanship, as well as praising customer service and delivery. Let's take a look at the themes that crop up for each individual mattress though...

Photo shows the Saatva Classic innerspring hybrid on a luxury bed base placed in a summer home overlooking a blue pool

(Image credit: Saatva)

The Classic currently has by far the most reviews, but there are fewer clear pros and cons to pick up on – the overwhelmingly positive reviews tend to just praise how comfortable this mattress is and how happy people are with it. A number of people commented it helped with their aches and pains. This backs up our take, that the Saatva Classic is a great all-rounder and will suit most people.

Amongst the common complaints is that the soft option isn't soft enough, although it seems an equal number of people found their choice wasn't as firm as they wanted. Perhaps take advantage of the customer service to try and make sure you pick the right firmness level for you.

Saatva Latex Hybrid mattress

(Image credit: Saatva)

The Latex Hybrid doesn't loads of reviews to go on, but there's enough to get an insight into what to expect here. The comments section is especially interesting in terms of sleep feel. People seem to agree that it's somehow both soft and firm; you don't exactly sink in, but it will contour a little to your body. There are no complaints about it trapping heat (in fact, multiple people praise this mattress' temperature regulation properties). A couple of people didn't get on so well with the tufted topper, saying they can feel it when they lie on the mattress. 

Saatva Loom & Leaf mattress

(Image credit: Saatva)

The Loom & Leaf reviews are also overwhelmingly positive. One theme that crops up repeatedly is that is definitely is firm for a memory foam mattress. It seems that this mattress takes around 3-4 weeks to 'break in', during which time it might be a bit uncomfortable. After that period, most people were very enthusiastic about the comfort levels – a number of customers commented that it helped with their back pain. There are some for whom it's still firmer than they'd prefer, though (of course, we don't know which firmness level these customers picked). 

A few people said that they'd recommend the Loom & Leaf for back or tummy sleepers, as there might not be enough give around the shoulder for side sleepers. There is disagreement over the temperature regulation on offer here, with a few customers finding it trapped heat, and others saying there was no issue with that. 

Which Saatva mattress is best? Extras to consider

  • Same extras across all three models
  • Free white glove delivery to a room of your choice
  • 365-night sleep trial, but processing fee if you do return the mattress

There are some extras to mention, too. Because it's all the same brand, they're the same across all three models, but still worth factoring in when you consider how good value each model is. 

Delivery is free. Saatva does not ship to Canada, and if you live in Hawaii or Alaska, delivery will come via a freight forwarder in Seattle or California. However, you'll have to wait a little longer to receive your purchase, as Saatva mattresses are made to order. You'll have to wait between 9 and 29 days from the day of your order (there's no way to hurry things up). Once your mattress is ready to deliver, the team will call to schedule delivery, then the evening before delivery is due, you'll be given a four-hour delivery window.

All Saatva mattresses come with free White Glove delivery to the room of your choice, and the delivery people will get it all set up for you too. This is helpful because this isn't a bed in a box company; all Saatvas are delivered flat. The delivery people will also take away your old mattress and foundation for free if you request it. Neither of these things are typically offered as standard – most bed companies will charge extra for them if they offer them at all. 

Two delivery men placing the Saatva classic mattress down on a bed frame

(Image credit: Saatva)

There's a 365 night trial period, during which you can change your mind as to whether the mattress suits you or not, and a lifetime warranty too. These match the best in the market.

One slight down-side is that if you do decide to return the mattress during the trial period, there's a $99 processing fee. You'll also need to pay this fee if it turns out the mattress won't fit up your stairs. 

Many bed companies offer free bedding bundles with their mattresses, but Saatva doesn't tend to do this. It does sell all the various sleep accessories you might need though (we especially rate the Saatva mattress topper). 

Saatva Classic vs Latex Hybrid vs Loom & Leaf: which should you buy?

Buy the Saatva Classic if...

  • You're on a tighter budget
  • You want a mattress with bounce rather than one you sink into
  • You want a soft mattress (only option available in a soft version)

The Saatva Classic will be the best pick for most people. It's pretty much always the cheapest option, and comes in a variety of heights and depths to suit different preferences (in fact, if you want a soft mattress, it's your only option of the three). There's no memory foam here, so if you want a body-hugging feel, pick one of the other two options. Instead, you've got springs for bounce and a built-in pillow top. While it's not a specialist cooling mattress, it won't trap body heat at all, so is suitable for those prone to overheating at night. 

Buy the Saatva Latex Hybrid if...

  • You want a more eco-friendly option
  • You need something that won't trap body heat
  • You want a weightless feel with a little bit of bounce

The Latex Hybrid offers an usual sleep feel that's somewhere between soft and firm – it could be a good option for sleepers who want a mattress that contours a little to their body, without trapping body heat (reviews praise this mattress' temperature regulation properties). You don't have the variety of options available with the other two mattresses; it's available in one height and one firmness only. Saatva has also designed this to be a more eco-friendly option, with natural, organic and sustainable materials. 

Buy the Loom & Leaf if...

  • You want a memory foam 'hug' that still offers firm support
  • You don't mind taking time to break in the mattress
  • You suffer from back pain

The Loom & Leaf is a good option if you want a firmer memory foam mattress. It's one to consider if you suffer from back pain, with multiple reviewers saying it significantly eased their back pain – although be aware you may need to take three weeks or so to break it in before it becomes truly comfortable and starts to work its magic. There are some reports that it can trap body heat, so proceed with caution if you know you tend to sleep hot.

See how this brand compares to other major mattress sellers:

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