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DreamCloud vs Saatva: which luxury hybrid mattress should you buy?

DreamCloud vs Saatva: image shows the Saatva Classic mattress on a yellow background and the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress on an olive green background
(Image credit: DreamCloud / Saatva)

When it comes to luxury hybrid mattresses, there’s no bigger dust-up than DreamCloud vs Saatva. Each brand makes some of the very best mattresses for all types of sleeper, with a focus on non-toxic materials that deliver excellent full body comfort, support and pressure relief.  

In our head-to-head, we compare the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid with the Saatva Classic (read our Saatva Classic mattress review for more) in terms of price, comfort, support, quality and more. Both brands offer risk-free mattress trials, and their warranties are longer than the average (one does excel over the other though). Both have also racked up plenty of favorable customer ratings.

When comparing DreamCloud vs Saatva, the first key difference is that DreamCloud is a mattress in a box brand available in the US and UK. Saatva makes traditional mattresses and while they are available to purchase online only (save for two show rooms), these handcrafted foam and hybrid beds are delivered flat (not in a box) and ready to sleep on. Sorry UK readers, but Saatva does not ship to the UK at present.

Delivery for both brands is free, but Saatva trumps DreamCloud here by offering free white glove delivery - an installation team will set up your new mattress in your bedroom and remove your old mattress. Saatva does charge a $99 returns fee though, which DreamCloud doesn’t, so that’s something to keep in mind. Let’s get a closer look at both brands now and how they compare… 

DreamCloud vs Saatva: At a glance

Both brands will hit the spot if you are looking for a high-quality hybrid mattress. The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid and the Saatva Classic are each constructed using layers of premium materials that are built to last and deliver high levels of support and comfort for years to come. 

Who should choose DreamCloud?

  • You want a breathable and cooling mattress
  • You want convenient bed-in-a-box delivery to your door
  • You want a whole year’s risk-free mattress trial

Who should choose Saatva?

  • Anyone who wants more choice of depth and firmness
  • If you want a mattress made with organic materials
  • If you want a more plush and cozier surface

Price-wise, each brand sits in the mid-range of the luxury mattress market (note, not the mid-range standard mattress market; these are considered more premium models). The cost of hybrids are typically higher because they use more materials and mattress technologies compared to all-foam beds. 

The DreamCloud US is normally priced from $899 for a twin, but you’ll rarely (if ever) pay full price for one as there’s usually a good saving to lower the price and dish out free gifts. Use our guide to the best DreamCloud mattress sales for the latest offers. In the UK, the DreamCloud is priced from £999 without a sale - read our DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress review for more on that model.

DreamCloud vs Saatva: The Saatva Classic Luxury Firm placed on a dark faux leather bed frame and covered with a blue throw

(Image credit: Saatva)

The Saatva Classic is usually priced from $887 and while it’s rare to find offers on the smallest size (the twin), we have seen plenty of savings (averaging around 10% or $200 off) on the twin XL and bigger. Our round-up of the best Saatva mattress sales and discounts points out the biggest savings.

Shipping is free within the US with both brands, and DreamCloud sends its Luxury Hybrid Mattress inside a reinforced cardboard box, while Saatva delivers its mattress flat, straight to your room of choice and sets it up too. So there’s more legwork involved with the DreamCloud, but it’s the cheaper option by a few hundred dollars.

Both have longer than average mattress trials, but DreamCloud offers 365 nights, which dwarfs Saatva’s 180-nights.

DreamCloud vs Saatva: Side by side

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid

  • RRP: From $1,198 to $1,798
  • Type: Mattress in a box
  • Firmness: Luxury firm (6.5 out of 10)
  • Sleep trial: 365 nights
  • Warranty: Lifetime 
  • Standout features: Non-toxic materials; cooling gel memory foam; minimal motion transfer
  • Materials: Cashmere blend; high-density gel memory foam; steel innerspring coils
  • Depth: 14 inches
  • Sizes: Twin to Cal king

Saatva Classic

  • RRP: From $887 to $2,196
  • Type: Standard
  • Firmness: Plush soft (3); Luxury firm (5-7); Firm (8)
  • Sleep trial: 180 nights
  • Warranty: 15 years
  • Standout features: Three levels of firmness; two heights; organic materials
  • Materials: Comfort foam; organic cotton; CertiPUR-US certified high-density memory foam; tempered steel
  • Depth: 11.5 or 14.5 inches
  • Sizes: Twin to split Cal king
View the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid: from

View the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid: from $1,198 $699 at DreamCloud
It’s rare that you’ll pay full price for the DreamCloud. This hybrid normally has big savings attached to it - we’ve regularly seen $200 off and up to $399 of free gifts, making it great value if you want free bedding too. A twin size costs $699 (was $1,198), while a queen size costs $999 on sale.

View the Saatva Classic: from $887 at Saatva

View the Saatva Classic: from $887 at Saatva
With or without a deal, the Saatva Classic is well-priced for the high build quality and three different levels of comfort (firmness) you can pick from. You’d pay much more for it in store, and with 10% off a queen size costs $1,435, though we have seen it as low as $1,199.

DreamCloud vs Saatva: Prices and deals

Because the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid and the Saatva Classic are made with premium and durable materials, you’re looking at a higher starting price for both. However compared to what you’d pay for comparable hybrid beds in store, DreamCloud and Saatva are very competitively priced.

As mentioned earlier, the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid is priced from $899 without a discount, and the Saatva Classic is priced from $887.

When comparing the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid vs Saatva Classic, there’s just a few dollars between them in the starting price for a twin size. However, jump to the bigger sizes and a queen size DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid costs $1,199 compared to a queen size Saatva at $1,595. 

The price gap widens the larger the bed size, with a Cal king DreamCloud costing $1,399 versus $1,995 for a Cal king Classic. Do keep in mind that the Saatva is handcrafted, so that price is remarkable really for the quality of bed.

DreamCloud vs Saatva: The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress with a golden retriever lying happily on the top

(Image credit: DreamCloud)

As for risk-free trial periods, DreamCloud offers a whole year. There’s also a lifetime warranty, which is market leading. Saatva’s trial period is shorter, but still generous at 180 nights – experts recommend that it takes three weeks for your body to get used to a new mattress – so you have six months to try out the Saatva. There’s a 15-year warranty on the Classic too, which again is plenty of coverage considering a good hybrid will last eight to ten years.

Each brand offers free delivery in the US, with DreamCloud shipping its Luxury Hybrid in a box, while the Saatva Classic arrives flat and taken straight to your room of choice, making it the better choice if you don’t want to lift a finger during the arrival of your new bed and the removal of your old one.

DreamCloud charges $149 for the same service that you get for free with Saatva. However DreamCloud doesn’t charge a fee if you change your mind and want to return the mattress, whereas Saatva will charge you $99.

Winner: When it comes to trial period and warranty, DreamCloud cannot be beaten. Even when you factor in the extra cost of setup and old mattress removal, the $149 fee from DreamCloud still makes it cheaper than Saatva when you buy a larger size.

There’s a caveat here though and that’s on the price front: the Saatva is a handcrafted luxury hybrid innerspring and we feel it’s very well-priced for the high build quality and how it comes in three firmness levels and two heights.

DreamCloud vs Saatva: Build and materials

Both the Saatva and the DreamCloud are well-crafted hybrids. The Saatva Classic layers start with a foundation made using 13-gauge tempered steel coils to prevent sagging and to promote good airflow, and there’s a set of pocketed coils on top of this made using 14.5 gauge recycled steel. This coil base-layer sits within high-density foam rails for superior edge support.

On top of the coil base is enhanced back support in the shape of ‘patented spinal zone active wire’, there’s also CertiPUR-US certified high-density memory foam for superior pressure relief. Next up is a 3” quilted Euro pillow top filled with cozy fibers to provide plush cushioning and luxury comfort. This Euro top sits flush against the mattress edge unlike a conventional pillow top, for a more comfortable and practical design.

DreamCloud vs Saatva: The Saatva Classic mattress on a white background

(Image credit: Saatva)

The Classic’s cover is woven from breathable and hypoallergenic organic cotton, treated with a botanical microbial treatment to protect against bacteria. That’s a lot of premium material for a reasonable price.

By comparison, the five-layer DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress has a simpler design, with an essential foam base layer and pocketed innerspring coils on top. On top of these responsive springs is a ‘Sink-In-Just-Right’ foam layer for support at the core (also keeps the bed stable). 

Next comes a pressure-relief comfort layer with gel memory foam that conforms to your body and boosts cooling (look at our best cooling mattress guide if you sleep very hot). Then there’s a soft-touch quilted cover with foam and a cashmere blend. 

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid also sports good edge support in the shape of a heavy-duty gauge edge-shield. The foam used throughout is CertiPUR-US certified, as with the Saatva. This ensures the foam is low-toxin and not harmful to human health.

Winner: If you’re looking for premium mattress materials and extra special finishing touches, then the Saatva Classic is for you. The double layer of coils with recycled steel, along with the organic cotton and plush Euro pillow top, give it the edge over the DreamCloud. While both are built for big sleep comfort, it’s the opulent details that help Saatva triumph. It’s proper hotel-luxury sleep for less.

DreamCloud vs Saatva: Support and comfort

As you would expect, the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid and the Saatva Classic are geared up for full body support and pressure relief. The DreamCloud has a 6.5 ‘luxury firm’ rating, meaning it’s a good fit for most sleep styles. It’s ideal for co-sleepers too and marries the support of a firm mattress with the coziness of a softer bed. It’s an excellent choice for minimizing motion transfer too, with DreamCloud’s ‘stay-put’ tech of wrapped coils and supportive foam layer ensuring the motion of your partner moving around in bed isn’t transferred to you.

There’s some good cooling on offer here as well, with the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid incorporating gel into its memory foam for a fresher feel. This, combined with the coil layer, promotes airflow throughout the mattress to disperse body heat and push it out through the cooling cover. If you need relief for pressure points, then the gel memory foam (as found in many of the best memory foam mattresses) offers plenty of cushioning.

DreamCloud vs Saatva: The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid shown with a navy base and white top

(Image credit: DreamCloud)

Over to the Saatva Classic and there’s lots of choice to suit individual sleepers. First you can choose your mattress height: 11.5” or 14.5”, depending on how tall you are. The 14.5” version can’t be used with adjustable beds, so keep that in mind if you are planning on introducing some Zero Gravity relaxation into your life.

The standout feature when it comes to comfort though is Saatva’s choice of three comfort levels (firmnesses) for a more tailored sleep experience. These are: Plush Soft, with a firmness level of 3; Luxury Firm, with a firmness level of 5-7; and Firm, with a firmness level of 8. 

Choose Plush Soft for a deep, huggy feel and extra cushioning for pressure points. This firmness is particularly suited to side-sleepers and lighter weight bodies.  

The most popular option of Luxury Firm is ideal for all sleep styles and co-sleepers who need different firmnesses. There’s plenty of comfort and balance here, with Saatva designing this option to replicate the comfort levels of a luxury-hotel mattress. 

Finally, the Firm option is great for heavier body weights, as well as front and back sleepers who need that firmer surface to keep their spine aligned in these positions. The feel here is more ‘resting on top’ rather than sinking in, meaning it’s ideal if you need extra postural support for back pain.

Winner: On top of the different firmness levels, the Saatva Classic is also durable, supportive and breathable. So it races ahead in the battle of DreamCloud vs Saatva when it comes to all-round comfort. With the option to go softer, firmer or meet in the middle, there’s something to suit all sleep styles and body weights here.

DreamCloud vs Saatva: Customer ratings

Both these hybrid models are clearly a popular choice, with the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid scooping up over 6,000 reviews and an average star rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on the brand’s website. The Saatva Classic has 4.9 out of 5 stars from just a third of the feedback of DreamCloud’s Luxury Hybrid with just over 2,198 reviews.

Comments for the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid include many reporting a reduction in pain levels since sleeping on the mattress. Comments here include, “Less shoulder pain. No more hip pain. Thank you.” Different types of sleeper commented too: “As a bigger guy, pure foam beds don't cut it, but nothing beats that airy feel. This mattress beautifully combined that cloudlike foam with amazing support.”

There was also general feedback about the company overall, with user reviews commenting on how, “I was skeptical about buying a mattress online, but I read all the reviews and about the return/refund policy and was finally convinced to just do it. I am so glad I did.”

Less favourable comments for the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid include feedback that the mattress was too soft, while other customers were still trying to decide whether the mattress was right for them during the trial.

DreamCloud vs Saatva: The Saatva Classic mattress photographed against the backdrop of a blue ocean

(Image credit: Saatva)

On Saatva’s website the comments are as positive as DreamCloud’s when it comes to comfort levels. One reviewer said: “ I bought a King Luxury Firm 14.5” and have no regrets – it helps me stay cool through the night”. While another reviewer reported how they, “Ordered a Classic after reading it was great for support of hips and back. I've been very happy with it and my body has a lot less pain in the morning.”

Criticism focused on the chosen firmness not always being suitable, but there was plenty of praise for Saatva’s customer service team when it came to dealing with returns, with comments. One user said this: “Unfortunately, [the mattress is] quite firm. Customer service was great, and sent out a topper, which did help.”

Winner: It’s a draw. After analyzing thousands of user reviews, we didn’t find any notable difference among Saatva vs DreamCloud user reviews as both brands have high praise and feedback for comfort and pain relief. While the negative comments focused on unsuitability of the firmness levels, this was quickly sorted out by both brands’ customer services who were quick to reply to comments and offer solutions.

DreamCloud vs Saatva: Which should you choose?

Hybrid mattresses are a wise choice if you are looking to properly support your spine and get the best possible comfort as you sleep – especially if two of you are sharing a bed. Both DreamCloud and Saatva are excellent brands on all of these fronts so the competition is fierce (as it was in our Saatva vs Avocado comparison, pitting two leading organic mattresses against one another). 

If you are looking for a general medium-firm mattress that is well made, keeps you cool and offers exceptional coziness, then the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid will tick those boxes. DreamCloud also offers good value if you need a larger size mattress, as its Luxury Hybrid is more affordable than the Saatva.

If you are after more tailored comfort with your choice of firmness and mattress height, and also like to shop for more eco-friendly products, then nothing beats the Saatva Classic. It’s an excellent innerspring hybrid and has been recommended by chiropractors for back pain support too.

Both manufacturers offer risk-free trials, but at 365 nights, DreamCloud’s trial is longer and gives you a chance to test it throughout each season. However, Saatva has the convenience of free delivery straight to your bedroom and with free setup and removal of your old mattress included. 

Ultimately, both are strong choices and both have excellent support and breathability. If you have the budget, pick the Saatva and don’t look back. If you can’t quite stretch to it, especially if you’re buying a king size or bigger, the DreamCloud is an excellent alternative.

To boost your in-bed comfort further, see our guide to the best mattress toppers for all budgets, and learn how a good mattress protector is vital for safeguarding your new bed during the trial period and beyond.

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