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Black Friday monitor deal: Snag this awesome ultra-wide Samsung for $150 off now

Samsung SJ55W
(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Black Friday isn’t until November 26 but we’re already seeing some incredible deals spring up across the internet. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line gaming monitor, we’ve found a deal that you can’t ignore.

Right now, you can buy the Samsung SJ55W Ultra WQHD monitor for $249 (opens in new tab) over at Walmart. Considering how it normally costs $399, this is an incredible savings of $150. Ultra-wide monitors are all the rage these days among PC gamers, meaning this particular monitor won’t be on sale for long. If you want it, you’re going to have to act fast.

Samsung SJ55W: was $399 now $249 @ Walmart (opens in new tab)
The Samsung SJ55W is a fantastic ultrawide gaming monitor that's both stylish and practical. Its large display and low input lag mode will take your gaming to the next level. This is a great Black Friday Deal.

The Samsung SJ55W monitor features a 34-inch ultrawide display at 3440x1440 resolution, which is more than double the pixel density of a Full HD display. Whether you’re playing your favorite PC games, watching YouTube videos, or browsing the web, everything will look razor-sharp. The display puts it on par with the best gaming monitors out there.

With Picture-by-Picture (PBP) functionality, you can have display input from two sources side-by-side at their native resolution. Picture-in-Picture (PIP) allows you to resize the second source to up to 25% of the screen and place it where you want.

This monitor also supports AMD FreeSync, which syncs the refresh rate of your graphics card and monitor to reduce image tearing, providing a smoother visual experience. Low Input Lag Mode helps minimize the delay between mouse, keyboard and controller input and onscreen response. If you’re playing a game where response time matters, Low Input Lag Mode is essential.

Overall, the Samsung SJ55W is a fantastic gaming monitor. The large ultrawide display immerses you in whatever game you’re playing and ensures you never miss a moment of the action. The low input lag option also means you won’t be at a disadvantage during fierce multiplayer matches in Call of Duty: Vanguard.

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