Best iOS Games 2017

Best iOS Action Games

Why we love Action Games

When it's time to blow stuff up or get really bloody, you want an action game. These are the games that keep your reflexes sharp as you take on the evils of this world and the next. When engulfed in one of these apps, you can be a superhero, a sniper or even a battle-hardened robot. But for an action game to be considered really great, you should feel transported by console-quality graphics and seamless controls. Here are our top picks. 

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  • Penumx
    The Silent Age is definitely my favorite one! But I would add Mutants vs. The Chosen - a classic point and click adventure available previously only for Android and now for iOS as well. It is free, no ads, no in app purchases.
  • TaxiDriver
    I like Teeter Bird. Its like the 2nd level of Flappy Bird.
  • AliceMK
    I like Spelltower, I've been playing that for a while. And letterpress, too, but I find that the lack of different levels make it a little simplistic for me.

    A game not on here that I like is Wordy Bee, new on iOS - it's a free, social word game on a hexagonal board, where you try to take more letter tiles than the opponent. It's also got multiple difficulties!
  • AusGamer
    I found this addictive game called Crazy Chook for iOS and can't put it down now. Two finger tapping seems to work best and you have to get the feathers to fly higher and get the eggs for your score, and I found that tapping the chicken releases an egg but I can't get past the dog. I know there must be a trick to it so hopefully someone will figure it out and pass on the secret!
  • Greater Folly
    I've been hooked on a card-based game called Donsol. It's a really clever use of playing cards in a fantasy dungeon of sorts.
  • bobinator321
    There is a game of the store demo loop that I have been trying to find the name of. It appears to be a third person perspective roller blading robot in space. The perspective on the character is like Subway Surfer. You are behind as the character skates along a path of lighted squares. Anyone know the game. I tried several Best Buys and none of the Geeks could tell me it.
  • ameehaddad
    Modern Combat 5 is the best game ever.. keep calm and play MC5
  • Christian_60
    You guys really need to play Fantasy War Tactics. The story is well driven and has a mass of character development. It starts a little slow at first but it gets very immersive after the first few stages
  • AudiR8cer
    Assoluto Racing is a new racing SIM worth trying. It's physics are more realistic than RR3 and yesterday's update adds manual transmission shifting!
  • Bvoltz
    The best one I love is Horizon Chase - World Tour.
  • SabreTiger
  • chandra0508
    Great article. Legend of Grimrock is my favorite game.
  • mrstsang
    For me, The Lego movie video game!
  • rockballad
    Oh, where is my favorite Cove Fish iOS game ?...
  • krichou
    I like the one called "Study! Language Word Game". The title doesn't sound great but it is actually pretty fun. It s like Tetris and Scrabble mixed with some nice colors ^^ but! you can learn a language
    Not fan of the musics tho but I play without sound anyways
  • Saga Lout
    It's time to close this thread which has become no more than a Spam magnet.

    If anyone has a valid comment to make, please start a new thread under a similar title.