Twitter's Vine Given 17+ Rating Following Porn Controversy

Following the controversy surrounding its exposure of porn, Twitter's video-sharing app, Vine, has added an age rating for possible adult content.

The app for iOS allows users to create and share six-second clips, but pornography contributed towards a troubled launch. Twitter responded by blocking a series of porn-related search terms such as "#porn" in order to make it harder for users to find adult videos.

The social network has now released a new version that requires users to confirm that they are at least 17 years of age. The previous version had an age rating of 12+. The Vine update also delivers minor bug fixes, an option for reporting or blocking users, and the functionality to share a video to Facebook or Twitter after it's been posted.

The app caused controversy when a pornographic video briefly appeared on Vine's "Editor’s Pick" list, which subsequently caused Apple to retaliate. The update follows 500px returning to the iOS app store after being removed for allegedly allowing easy access to content related to nudity.


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  • wolley74
    Better see it on all similar apps then or i'd call bullshit, even better put it on Safari
  • dark_wizzie
    Seriously, what is wrong with porn? It's not like 16 year olds don't want boobs or don't know how to otherwise find it... or that porn actually does something very harmful...

    But in the name of our company image, we shall make porn 'harder' to find!
  • olaf
    LOL at Americans and there f....up value system :) Violence is AOK, but porn OMG OMG .... BAN!