Twitter Experiences 1 Billion Tweets Every 2.5 Days

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo has confirmed that its users post an accumulative of 1 billion tweets every 2.5 days.

During peak times in the election, Costolo said Twitter was serving 15,000 tweets per second to 1.3 million timelines. He added that the social network's system is engineered for real-time search and distribution, as opposed to archive search and distribution.

If a user wanted to search against an entire user’s database of tweets, he said it would be so slow that it would effectively slow down the rest of Twitter’s real-time distribution. To combat this, the firm is building a different type of archival system for such historical tweets.

The CEO also noted that Twitter now sends a billion tweets every two and half days. “It took three years, two months and one day for the first billion tweets to be sent. From the time the company started in 2006 to mid-2009 three years, two months and one day for the first billion tweets to be sent. It has a nice rhythm that it was three, two, one. It probably wasn’t exactly one day, but we like to say that; so it’s three, two, one,” he said. “We now send a billion tweets every two and a half days. So the volume, the noise level has increased dramatically.”

Since Costolo took over Twitter's CEO position, the service has grown to 500 million users who are sending over 350 million tweets on a daily basis.


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